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UK Controller Plugin 5.0.0


About This File

UK Controller Plugin.

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If you have trouble loading the plugin, please ensure that you install the latest x86 version of Visual C++ Redistributables, available from https://aka.ms/vs/17/release/vc_redist.x86.exe.

What's New in Version 2.11.0   See changelog


- Added an item in the OP menu to open a popup displaying the plugin version and copyright information.
- Added an item in the OP menu to a new help guide, containing frequently asked questions about the plugin, which will in time be extended to serve as a user manual.
- The hold manager VSL display now caters for "deemed separated holds". Usually if an aircraft comes within 12nm of an aircraft assigned to a hold, that aircraft will be added into VSL for the hold. If two holds are marked as "deemed separated", this distance is now reduced to a soon-to-conflict level, when both aircraft are assigned to, and within the constraints of, a published hold.
- The above change will prevent aircraft from appearing in the opposite hold during the Gatwick Mid Week Madness events.
- For now, the terminal holds of EGKK, EGCC and EGLL have been marked as deemed separated. More will be added in the future, if required.
- Added a TAG item for UK Flight Information Services and an associated selection menu TAG function. This item is not synced between controllers, but allows a controller to record UKFIS information in a dedicated TAG item rather than having to resort to the scratchpad.


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