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  3. Nick Marinov

    EGCC_TWR | Friday 17th August | 1800Z

    Good luck!
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  6. Oh I do like to fly beside the seaside... We're moving down to the South East as we bring our next VATSIM UK event to Southend! With seven miles of beach to enjoy and the longest pleasure pier in the world, bring yourself and your passengers to the Thames Estuary as we return for the first time in nearly two and a half years. So get those shorts, buckets and spades (and knotted handkerchief hats for the older generation!) packed and join us for Summer By The Sea! **Controllers please note this will be a rostered event. A link to the Expression of Interest topic will appear here when posted**
  7. As part of our RAF100 celebrations, join Knight Air on a flight from RAF Scampton to Dortmund via the dams of Moehne, Eder, and Sorpe in the Douglas DC3. The route flown will be similar to that flown by 617 Squadron in the spring of 1943 during the infamous "Dambuster Raids". Please note that this is a civilian flight and, therefore, military operations will not be permitted as per the standard T&C's of VATSim. Those wishing to conduct a low level overflight of the dams for photographic purposes must obtain permission from the duty controller. A full pack including the DC3, dams scenery (and RAF Scampton for those without the payware UK2000 addon), full PDF flight plan, and FSX/P3D .pln file is available from the tours page (under the operations tab) at our website: knightair.co.uk You do not need to be a registered member of Knight Air to access this page. Knight Air welcomes younger users within its membership and actively encourages participation. However, you must be over 13 years old to take part in online activities with Vatsim. Knight Air will accept membership applications from age 12 for members of the RAF Air Training Corps (or similar). Communication with the Officer in Charge of the Squadron/Flight will be required.
  8. Alex Hodgkinson

    event - overload [4/5 August, 1000-1900z] Mid Summer Madness XII

    No, Just a bottle and a smidge of Gin! (...and that red we had 😍)
  9. Matthew Collier

    event - overload [4th-5th August 2018 10:00Z - 20:00Z] VATSIM UK Live! 2018

    Another fantastic year, great to see new faces! Thanks to all of the organisers for pulling it together again, sterling job! Until next year.
  10. It's time to explore the Dutch regional airports! On Saturday, August 11th we're organising Dutch Regional Fly-In, an event that puts Rotterdam The Hague, Groningen Eelde, Eindhoven and Maastricht-Aachen Airport in the spotlights!The Dutch regional airports are often under exposed, despite offering a vast number of scheduled- and charter flights to the farthest corners of Europe. Or step in your favourite single engine for a VFR cross country flight over the Netherlands. Whatever you decide, we'll be open from 17:30 till 20:00 UTC. Looking forward to seeing you on August 11th!
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  12. Andy Ford

    ATC Exams: Guidance for Pilots

    Added clause regarding silly aircraft types that aren't beneficial to an exam.
  13. Trevor Hannant

    Looking to post an Event? Please read first!

    Hello there! Thank you for visiting the VATSIM UK Forum to advertise your event. Before you do, please read and comply with the following to ensure that this area remains clear and consistent. Title format [Day Month Time] Title e.g. [7th July 1800-2100z] Ibiza Overload Use the UK date format (Day before month) Use the full month name (i.e. December, not Dec) Remove colons from event times (i.e. 1800-2100z, not 18:00-21:00z) Include a hyphen between the event times Include a "z" to indicate that the time is in Zulu Capitalise the first letters of the month and title Post content Centre the main image Use the standard VATSIM UK Forum font One post per week (see below) Please don't Post recurring events (e.g. "Every Sunday") "Hijack" another event's thread to promote your own event - feel free to link to another on your own thread Thank you for your help! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the Helpdesk here.
  14. George Wright

    Exam Candidates Guide

    There is a new version of the Exam Candidates' Guide released today. This guide includes all of the need-to-know information about sitting a practical exam and also now details the exam criteria you will be graded against. Please would all exam candidates read this before their exams. https://vatsim.uk/download/fetch/?downloadID=00221 Thanks
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