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  2. Oliver Gates

    atc-training S2 Theory Seminars

    The notes for Seminar 2 can be found at the top of this post.
  3. Ben Wright

    EGKK APP - Thursday 9th July 1830z

    Well done Thomas!
  4. Kye Taylor

    exam EGPH APP | Monday 13th July | 1830Z

    Good luck and have fun!!!
  5. Richard Keen

    Windows 10 2004 update issue

    Turns out it was a program called "One Drive" that was stopping the update, Then once uninstalled via the control panel the 2004 update ran fine and it also installed a new version of One Drive
  6. Andreas Ziegler

    event - city pair [11th July 1100-1300z] Miami Vice

    That was a great event, full 9 hour coverage from London through Miami! Thank you for organizing it!
  7. Last week
  8. Hi all, There will be an exam on Edinburgh Radar (EGPH_APP) this coming Monday, 13th July, beginning at 1830Z (1930 UK BST), expecting to finish no earlier than 2000Z. Please come and fly to support the candidate! Some arrivals via STIRA would be nice to allow the candidate to demonstrate merging of two streams. Nothing untoward without first speaking to EGPH_X_APP please! If you're new to flying for exams, you are most welcome, but please read the guidance here. We look forward to seeing you there, and please join me in wishing the candidate the best of luck!
  9. Oh, the pen pushers must've changed their plans 🤷‍♂️ Ah well 😄 Come fly on the not-so-closed runway...
  10. It was the other night😂In any case we'll still be staffing up Heathrow
  11. yeah thats what im seeing, i see the covid runway closed infomation expiring and then a week later the SRO notam expiring
  12. James Yuen

    atc-training S2 Theory Seminars

    The second seminar will take place on Sunday 12th July, starting at 2000 zulu (2100 local). The seminar will run for between one and two hours, and 30 places are available. All S2 students (regardless of TG) are strongly encouraged to attend, and will be given priority, but the seminar is open to all members with an S1 rating. You can sign up to the seminar on the CTS, by clicking on ‘Seminars’ (under the ‘Students’ tab). If you are unable to sign up, send me a message on Slack, and I will add you manually. A link to the notes for Seminar 2 will be posted before the seminar.
  13. The EOI normally gets posted around a week before the event, so I'd recommend checking the Forums every couple of days to ensure that you don't miss it. It's also posted on Slack
  14. Brooklyn Grantham

    event - overload [29th July 1700-2000z] East Midlands Midweek Madness

    Could you let me know when the roster is out as this is one I definitely want to take part in a have a lot of hours on this aerodrome and know this aerodrome well. This is also my local airport
  15. Robbie Garrett

    event - city pair [11th July 1100-1300z] Miami Vice

    If anyone makes a video. Rolls me back to Flash FM on VC 😉
  16. Matthew Wilson

    EGKK APP - Thursday 9th July 1830z

    Congrats Thomas, enjoy the rating!
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