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  2. Hi all, Please join me in wishing the candidate good luck for their Instrument Rating exam this evening. In order for the exam to be a success, we require an ADC position to be online at Liverpool (EGGP) and an APC position to be online at either Leeds Bradford (EGNM) or Liverpool (EGGP). Thanks! Dan ✈️
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  4. Woo! Well deserved James, at least you got a bucket load of traffic this time round 😄
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  6. Robbie Garrett

    Fly & See Santa Group?

    Perfect, this is the list so far (Y)
  7. Congratulations James, well deserved.
  8. Thank you to everyone who flew and the adjecent controllers who helped me along! (For the third time! 😅) Massive thank you to all my mentors especially @Lee Roberts and @Jack Edwards
  9. Congratulations James - well deserved! You can exhale now...
  10. Please join me in congratulating @James Thomas who completed his exam on Manchester Radar this evening. Many thanks to those members of our community who supported us during these rescheduled exams by flying and controlling. Rgds Chris.
  11. Excellent event! We enjoyed EGBB-EGJB-EGJA-EGJJ-EGHI Nice to have the Channel Islands manned and some friendly ATC.
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  13. Mark Foister

    event - fly-in [7 DEC 14Z-20Z & 8 DEC 10Z-16Z] THE WORLD IS COMING

    Day 1 of "The World is coming" Please read the description if you are wanting to be in with a chance of winning certain prizes.
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