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  2. Andy McCall

    Coming back

    Hi all After a few years away due to personal circumstances, I am now in a position to be able to come back. I've done a few flights over the weekend and have enjoyed being back on the network. Next will be to see if I can remember how to use Euroscope! See you on the network 😃
  3. Yesterday
  4. Darren Hill

    EGGW_TWR Exam - Wed 19th Feb 2020 - 1800-2000z

    Good luck and enjoy mate!
  5. Graham Carr

    EGGW_TWR Exam - Wed 19th Feb 2020 - 1800-2000z

    Good luck 🙂
  6. Fergus Walsh

    Observer - Controller Pack

    Hi Robin, You need to select the the Sector File when it asks you to since pressing Cancel will just take you to the black screen that you mentioned.
  7. Hello all I have opened the EGSS observer .prf by bowsing for this when presented with the initial window inviting me to choose a profile. (Usually I just click Cancel and it opens the default Eoroscope). When Euroscope then open with a blank screen, I click F1 etc as instructed, and F1 etc appeats in the text box at the foot of the screen. However, no radar nor airport screens appear. I have tried this with Vatsim both connected and disconnected. I just get a balck screen with the Eurioscope menus and blank lists. Any suggestions gratefully received Robin Meads
  8. Callum McLoughlin

    event - overload [22nd February 1200-2000] Escape to the Canary Islands

    Great idea, unfortunately BAV have already got something planned on this date otherwise we would be able to officially support and en-mass 😞
  9. Keanu Czirjak

    EGGW_TWR Exam - Wed 19th Feb 2020 - 1800-2000z

    Good lucketh to thee!
  10. Last week
  11. Hello all, There will be a practical exam on Luton Tower (EGGW_TWR) on Wednesday 19th February, starting at1800z. Several IFR departures and arrivals, alongside a small amount of VFR traffic, will be necessary in order to ensure that the exam is successful. The provision of adjacent ATC would also be beneficial (TC Essex, TC London and/or AC London). Please join me in wishing the candidate good luck.
  12. Richard Keen

    Where is the love for London City?

    You are welcome mate, hope to team up with you again soon
  13. Chris Beckett

    Helicopter Procedures in Europe

    Appreciate the feedback from everyone so far. The references related to specific fields, etc., are helpful.
  14. Eric Liu

    atc-discussion Traffic Requests - Here

    Date: Saturday, 15th February 2020 Time: 1800z-1930z Position: EGGP_TWR Specific Requests: Any form of VFR, circuits, zone exits etc. appreciated and GP INT and AC North (PC at a push!) would be nice to practice coordination!
  15. Henry Cleaver

    proposal London FIS

    An additional issue with the EGTT_I_CTR position is that a lot of pilots don’t understand what it is. So you will spend most of the time telling people you can’t provide them a service from Heathrow. Also, realistically, a basic service from London Information is pretty useless most of the time, if you can get a word in amongst those telling their life story and those calling in at the FIR boundary after lunch abroad. Those who have used it for real will understand. “Roger, basic service...” ... (some time later) ... “bye”. Much more useful to get a LARS.
  16. Lee Roberts

    exam EGGD_APP Exam 14th Feb 2020 1830Z

    Hi All, Thank you to all the pilots who flew in tonight however we didn't have quite the right mix of traffic to complete the exam tonight. I will update you all when we have set a new date.
  17. Rhys Warner-Smith

    Where is the love for London City?

    Well @Richard Keen it was you, sir, who sparked my interest in City many a year ago! City Tower was where I started my controlling journey and it was you who mentored me there! I thank you. 😁.
  18. Richard Keen

    Where is the love for London City?

    After reading this it gives me more incentive to redo my Thames Profile and open Thames more ....was very enjoyable back in the day, handling a mix of VFR/IFR around London , give me a few weeks and i will start opening it more to help out Ha ha I've seen 747/777s try to get into City in the past (guilty as i did it once lol)
  19. Ben Wright

    Getting Started

    Hi Robin We don't use VRC in the UK so you won't find any official controller packs/sector files anywhere. That being said, I wouldn't let the controller client dictate if/where you control. You'll be taught how to use Euroscope properly in your S1 training and it's not like it's inferior to other controller clients, so I wouldn't worry too much. Ben
  20. Hello! We're happy to announce 'Escape to the Canary Islands' as our next event! Join us, VATSPA, Portugal vACC, Morocco vACC, and VATSIM Italy as we overload Gran Canaria (GCLP) and Tenerife South (GCTS). We'll be departing from the mighty Leeds (EGNM) and London Luton (EGGW) between 1200-1400z, with full ATC all the way the Canaries! This idea for this event was a popular suggestion from the community, and we hope to bring you many more like this in the future. If you have an idea for an event, get in touch with us! Cheers. Controllers please note that this will be a rostered event, the expression of interest will be appearing soon.
  21. Robin Meads

    Which ATC package ?

    Thanks very much for your replies Peter & Rhys. I will have a look. Thursday evening I have a talk to attend on something completely different, but no doubt will catch up with you in future.
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