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Scheduled Maintenance - All Services - 23/02/2018 22:00 UTC

A maintenance period for multiple services has been scheduled for Friday 23rd February at 22:00 UTC. The expected duration of this maintenance is 1 hour. Two periods of downtime of less than 10-15 seconds are expected. Additional information is available at https://status.vatsim.uk/.

Updates will be posted at https://status.vatsim.uk/. To report any problems or issues after the maintenance has been completed, please visit https://helpdesk.vatsim.uk/

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  1. Today
  2. atc-training [PRE EXAM] EGPH_TWR | Friday 23rd February | 1930z

    good luck, hope to see you for an IFR departure
  3. Yesterday
  4. P2/3 Exam | Tuesday 27th February | 18:45 - 20:30z

    Best of luck, go out and smash it!
  5. Good luck!
  6. P2/3 Exam | Tuesday 27th February | 18:45 - 20:30z

    Good luck. You have EGGP Tower :D
  7. Good luck!
  8. Hi all, There will be a combined P2/3 exam on Tuesday 27th February at 18:45 - 20:30z, the following ATC will be required in order for the exam to be a success: EGGP_APP EGGP_TWR EGNH_APP (Try something different!) Please join me in wishing the candidate the best of luck! Thanks, Dan
  9. atc-discussion New Controller Success

    Another Joe in the ranks! Although I'm sure this one will be better than myself... Congrats, Joe. I look forward to controlling alongside you!
  10. atc-discussion New Controller Success

    Congrats, see you on the scopes!
  11. Last week
  12. atc-discussion New Controller Success

    Well done to @Joe Tyman who passed his S1 at Manchester
  13. atc-training [PRE EXAM] EGPH_TWR | Friday 23rd February | 1930z

    Good luck to the candidate. Edi Radar you have!
  14. discussion Teamspeak Kick Policy

    I like 3 hours Alex
  15. atc-discussion Atc required 23rd 6pm to 8pm eggp

    Cool thanks and sorry
  16. atc-discussion Atc required 23rd 6pm to 8pm eggp

    Hi Craig, For future reference please ask for ATC coverage on this fourm post rather than in this topic. However i will be happy to book Liverpool Tower for these times. (" As long as i'm not out ") James
  17. discussion Teamspeak Kick Policy

    Getting rid of the inactive ban completely would be great (like before), if not, I would say 3 hours wouldn't be a bad call.
  18. real world London City remote tower

    Tom Scott did quite a good video, here it is:
  19. atc-discussion New Controller Success

  20. VATSIM VFR can be very fun Steve, but you're probably taking the right approach of trying IFR first. Modern aviation in general, but especially VATSIM, is very focussed on IFR flying. I suggest that you read up on airspace classes, circuit joins, and controlled airspace locations before flying VFR. That's what caught me out! ;-)
  21. discussion Teamspeak Kick Policy

    Like some comments above, I think clogging the rooms up with people who are genuinely idle is something to be avoided. @Alex Toff's idea sounds excellent for when controlling, however.
  22. discussion Teamspeak Kick Policy

    Voice Codec is above my pay grade Dan ;) I'm meeting with Barrie tonight to get a solution in place for the idle issue.
  23. discussion Teamspeak Kick Policy

    Some of us might have to upgrade from dial-up! (what I'm informed the current codecs were designed to operate under).
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