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  3. Cole Edwards

    EGGW_TWR | Sunday 26th September | 1800Z

    Best of luck
  4. There will be an exam on Luton Tower (EGGW_TWR) on the 26th September, commencing at 1800Z. The exam is expected to last 1hr 15 mins but the exam may end earlier/later, depending on whether the competencies have been sufficiently assessed. A good number of IFR outbounds as well as some IFR inbounds/VFR are essential to making this exam a success. Please, no funny business without first speaking to EGGW_X_TWR. Pilots wishing to fly to ensure that they are familiar with the pilot guidance for ATC exams. Good luck to the candidate!
  5. Congratulations George! I'm sure we can draw up an invoice... 😄
  6. After a long break over the summer, the GA Club is proud to present the kickstarter to the new set of events planned over the next few months: Double Trouble! For what is possibly the first time ever, 2 VFR-based staff-up’s will be taking place this weekend: SOLENT Saturday – 25th September Shoreham Sunday – 26th September SOLENT Saturday: Enjoy the 2 LARS units of Farnborough and Bournemouth anlong with their approach facilities from 1500z to 1700z this Saturday. Shoreham Sunday: Experience both Farnborough and Shoreham approac
  7. Effective 24 September 2021 - 12 November 2021 With thanks to @Reece Buckley for reminding me about this. Following the UK’s exit from the European Union UK aerodromes are no longer permitted to make use of the EGNOS SBAS for the provision of LPV or RNP(AR) approaches. As a result the RNP(AR) approaches to RAF Gibraltar have been withdrawn from service until at least 12 November 2021. Neither the approach charts nor the FMC approach coding is currently published and so, despite not being subject to the legal/technical issues, we are unable to continue using the approaches on VAT
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  10. Adam Farquharson

    LON_C_CTR | Monday 20th September 2021 | 1800z

    Congrats George! You must be up there with the best post pass thank you posts as well!
  11. Ioannis Mazonakis

    EGKK_APP | Tuesday 21st September | 1830Z

    Congrats mate. Enjoy MC APP 😉
  12. George Peppard

    EGKK_APP | Tuesday 21st September | 1830Z

    Well done, enjoy your new rating!
  13. Samuel Lefevre

    EGKK_APP | Tuesday 21st September | 1830Z

    Thanks to all the adjacent ATC and pilots for my exam! I'd also like to thank the mentors that made this all possible! @Reece Buckley @Vince Farrow @Stuart Keaney and @William Jennings
  14. Reece Buckley

    EGKK_APP | Tuesday 21st September | 1830Z

    Well done Shmem! PM me whenever for your PD_APP introduction session 😘
  15. Please join me in congratulating @Samuel Lefevre who passed his S3 exam this evening on Gatwick Director! Thank you to the adjacent controllers who supported and to the pilots who flew! ✈️
  16. Really happy for you mate! Congrats! I'll send you some streams down the corridor soon 🙂
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