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  2. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Best of luck!
  3. Flight Training Exercises

    Hi Chris We are about to release an update that will show you where and why you failed. Watch this space.
  4. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good luck!
  5. Regional Pressure Setting

    Unrelated, but have you considered open sourcing it? Provided it has no API keys etc hard coded in.
  6. atc-software Ofline Vatsim Practice

    This is going to sound really cringey but here goes... When I was an S1 and not too confident with high traffic scenarios, I'd log on as an observer at a pretty busy time and work out the clearance, taxi routing, etc that I'd give to the aircraft if I were actually controlling. That could work, depends. In general though, as @Lewis Hardcastle has touched on, comfort and confidence comes with experience. Perhaps CTP is not the best place to log on to a new position, and I can't speak for all controllers, but most will be happy to accommodate small mistakes if it means you learn from them in the future. Enjoy!
  7. atc-software Ofline Vatsim Practice

    I know what you mean with this. I would quite enjoy just working with another S1 not on the live network but maybe on a user hosted EUROSCOPE session and practice different scenarios
  8. Flight Training Exercises

    When flying an exercise and you do not pass is there any way to know why you failed?
  9. Regional Pressure Setting

    Only arrivals and circuit traffic are on the QFE. Normally zone transits or anyone operating within the Brize Zone is QNH.
  10. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good Luck!
  11. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good luck!
  12. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good Luck!
  13. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good luck!
  14. Last week
  15. atc-training Gatwick Endorsement Passes

    Well Done!!
  16. atc-training Gatwick Endorsement Passes

  17. atc-training Group OBS Session Dates

    Dear all,The next group session has been scheduled for Friday 1 June 1700z-1900z.Invites will be sent in due course to those eligible.ThanksAlex
  18. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good luck!
  19. atc-training Gatwick Endorsement Passes

  20. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good luck!
  21. atc-training Gatwick Endorsement Passes

    Congratulations @Hayden Robertson - perhaps now you can get off Leeds ;)
  22. EGGP_TWR 24/05/2018 @18:00z

    Good luck!
  23. atc-training Gatwick Endorsement Passes

    Well done to @Hayden Robertson on getting his Gatwick Endorsement tonight. Thanks to @Fergus Walsh for the adjacent control!
  24. Dear All There will be an exam on Liverpool Tower this Thursday starting at 18z (7pm local). EGGP_TWR Thursday 24th May 2018 18:00z (7pm local) A good number of departures and VFR items of traffic will be needed, in addition to an approach controller to help ensure the exam is a success. Nothing out of the ordinary without the permission of the examiner please. Good luck to the candidate! Barrie
  25. atc-discussion EGAA Approach Mentoring

    C1 for STC_A_CTR S3 for EGAA_R_APP (which covers EGAC top-down as well) BEL_APP covering the entirety of the Belfast/Antrim TMA (which became STC_A) was retired a few years ago after a discussion among the division instructors. A few events suggested that we didn't teach the required competencies such as streaming over long distances and high levels in enough depth at an S3 level to adequately prepare people for the position.
  26. atc-discussion EGAA Approach Mentoring

    That's correct. You need to be at least a C1 to open STC_A_CTR.
  27. atc-discussion EGAA Approach Mentoring

    C1 I believe
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