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  3. Keanu Czirjak

    exam EGKK_APP | 1st Dec 2020 | 2000Z

    Good lucketh to thou!
  4. Keanu Czirjak

    EGNX_APP | Thursday 26th November | 1900-2100Z

    Finally, you've got it! Well done Mr. Biggin 😉
  5. Martin Tornberg

    [12 Dec, 17-23z] Fly and See Santa 2020

    This year's edition of Fly and See Santa we are introducing a booking system. The intention is to try and spread the traffic during the whole event time frame which is 17-23z. The booking system is set up so the pilot can book an arrival slot into either of the event airports, departing from anywhere on the planet. The booking system will open for reservations on Saturday 5 December at 12:00z. And close for further bookings on Saturday 12 December at 16:00z. Book your arrival slot here: https://booking.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ For more informati
  6. Effective 3 December 2020 are the following further changes: Introduction of Brest L and N sectors Removal of the France Control (FL245+) LFUP_CTR position Brest (Low) (SFC-FL245) LFRR_CTR (125.500) Brest L Sector (FL245-FL295) LFRR_L_CTR (124.670) > LFRR_CTR (125.500) > EURW_FSS (135.250) Brest N Sector (FL295-FL660) LFFF_N_CTR (127.850) > LFRR_L_CTR (124.670) > LFRR_CTR (125.500) > EURW_FSS (135.250) Each of the above sectors border the EGTT FIR along the length of its interface with the LFRR FIR.
  7. Trevor Hannant

    EGCC_TWR, Thursday 3rd December 20:00z

    Good luck!
  8. Phillip Speer

    exam EGKK_APP | 1st Dec 2020 | 2000Z

    Thanks. Updated. Phillip
  9. There will be an Introduction to the Scottish vMATS (and associated procedures) on Tuesday 1st December at 2030Z in the VATSIM UK TeamSpeak. This is aimed at UK Enroute controllers, and any S3s who might want to train on Scottish in future. The presentation will cover: how best to approach reading the document - i.e. what to focus on, what is only for split scenarios, etc. the new LoAs we are agreeing alongside it the procedures it defines for the first time, including at undocumented airfields. There will be an opportunity for questions and feedback too!
  10. Hello folks, There will be an exam on Manchester Tower (EGCC_TWR) on Thursday 3rd December starting at 2000z. We will be online for at least 60-90 minutes, and extending towards 2200z as required to allow for any required traffic. We need a good number of IFR departures and arrivals during the exam time, as well as a decent amount of VFR traffic. Please have a quick read of the guide to exams if you're new to flying for an exam. Please join me in wishing the candidate the best of luck! 😄
  11. Robert Ispas

    exam EGKK_APP | 1st Dec 2020 | 2000Z

    Good luck!! PS: The title is EGKK_TWR @Phillip Speer!
  12. There will be an exam on Gatwick Director (EGKK_APP) on Tuesday 1st December starting at 2000Z. We will be online for at least 60 minutes and extending towards 2200Z as required to allow for any required traffic. We need a number of IFR Arrivals during the exam time with a small amount of VFR traffic accessing services outside controlled airspace. Please note, Gatwick Director does not handle departing traffic under normal operations so will be of limited benefit to the candidate. Expect a standard ILS approach unless permission given by EGKK_X_APP. We already have aerodrome posit
  13. Introduction The military air traffic zone, or MATZ, is the area surrounding a military aerodrome. It is Class G (uncontrolled airspace) and thus does not require any clearance to enter. It is important to distinguish the difference between a MATZ and an ATZ, as an aerodrome can have both. MATZ vs ATZ Most military airfields will have a MATZ as well as an ATZ, aerodrome traffic zone. The key difference between the 2 zones is the MATZ is an area, while the ATZ is classified as airspace. In the case of military airfields, the ATZ is active when the aerodrome offers
  14. Last week
  15. ******* Guerns, eh? Good luck, Evad. I'm so going to be there! 😄😷
  16. This will be a rostered event, as such bookings made via the CTS are not valid. Furthermore, Leeds doesn't have a ground position defined in the real world, or on VATSIM I'm afraid.
  17. Archie Middlefell

    Event Suggestions for 2021 Q2

    EGHQ Event lol, maybe do a SHT event from EGLL-EGHQ, They do that flight IRL. I think there stopping it though due to it being winter.
  18. Introduction A major part of GA flying in the UK is the provision of Flight Information Services, or UKFIS, outside of controlled airspace. The goal of providing these services is to provide pilots with real-time, relevant information relating to the safety of the flight. The provision of a service does increase the workload of the controller and hence is offered at the discretion of the controller. Dedicated stations known as Lower Airspace Radar Service units, or LARS units, exist to solely provide UKFIS to aircraft outside of controlled airspace, with a notable example being the F
  19. November 2020- an "unusual" year in aviation terms- we can agree I think? Now- today we have one NAT track- ALPHA going Westbound in the real world, and this is being applied on VATSIM too. Curiously though, according to the TMI-332 release, special restrictions mean that the track is Westbound only and operating at ODD levels, between DOGAL and ELSIR. I was given my clearance by Shanwick delivery and advised my cleared level would be FL370. So-far so-good. Shanwick take the first pos. rep. and then log-off. Other pilots have taken the NAT-A and - according to standard rules for flig
  20. Effective 3 December 2020 This post is to clarify the transfer conditions (specifically the agreed level) from GW INT to TC North West for CPT departures off Runway 07. These departures are transferred to GW INT by GW AIR due to the conflict with aircraft on final approach for Runway 07. Where there is conflicting traffic on intermediate/final approach, GW INT shall issue the aircraft with a heading that ensures separation against inbound traffic but that keeps the aircraft within the Luton RMA. Aircraft shall be given climb to altitude 5000 feet by GW INT before transfe
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