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UK Sector File (EuroScope) 2023/09a

VATSIM UK Operations

About This File

UK Sector File (EuroScope)

What's New in Version 2022/10a   See changelog


Hotfix 2022/10a

  • Bug - Corrected Scottish airfield ownership to reflect addition of ScAC Low split
  • Enhancement - Updated Windfarm TMZ Primary Radar Holes

Release 2022/10

AIRAC 2210

  • Updated Exeter (EGTE) SMR
  • Defined EIDW runway 10L/28R and STARs

AIRAC 2203

  • Removed deprecated Edinburgh (EGPH) STARs

Other Changes

  • Bug - Fixed double airspace base in Southend (EGMC) CTA 10
  • Enhancement - Updated TC NE subsectors to new top-down orders
  • Bug - Removed Scatsta (EGPM) data due to closure in June 2020
  • Enhancement - Updated FIX Co-ordinates to match ENR 4.4
  • Bug - Fixed London AC Lakes static boundary
  • Bug - Fixed COPX display for Severn Group inbounds from Dover (S26) to Worthing (S25)
  • Bug - Fixed COPX for LTMA Deps via SITET/XAMAB to Brest (or Paris)
  • Bug - Fixed Jersey Control COPX function
  • Bug - Fixed COPX display for EIDW inbounds when LAC Lakes & MPC are split
  • Enhancement - Added Scottish AC Low position
  • Enhancement - Added Scottish AC Hebrides-Central bandbox position
  • Enhancement - Updated Guernsey (EGJB) SMR
  • Enhancement - Added Cosford (EGWC) SMR and runway definitions, and updated ARP
  • AIRAC (2210) - Updated Exeter (EGTE) SMR
  • Enhancement - Removed redundant London dummy sectors (Worthing and Dover)
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