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UK Sector File (EuroScope) 2023/09a

VATSIM UK Operations

About This File

UK Sector File (EuroScope)

What's New in Version 2021/02   See changelog


  • Manchester (EGCC) Runway Headings Update
  • Remove Bitteswell VRP from Coventry (EGBE)
  • Added BOFUM Fix and rerouted Q37
  • Added ENDEQ Fix and rerouted Q36
  • Rerouted Y312 and implemented Gatwick (EGKK) "Route 4" SID Removals/Truncations
  • Added Borders CTAs
  • Added Northern CTAs
  • Added Yorkshire CTAs
  • N601(D) Conditional Airspace becomes Borders CTA 5
  • Fixed BBTWR Ring not displaying to MPC without Daventry
  • Corrected Warton/Blackpool Incorrect Line Display
  • Added HH/HI/LF Worthing -> Dover agreements via KOBBI
  • Mousa and Gloup Holm Islands (Shetland) Have No Colour Defintion
  • Added Oxford (EGTK) ATZ
  • Changed Heathrow (EGLL) SMR style to match Indra's new A-SMGCS
  • Fixed wonky FAVA and Centreline at Edinburgh (EGPH)
  • Add Gamston (EGNE) Basic info and Runways
  • Corrected the sector indicators for all AFIS/AGO airfields
  • Remove Unused Data for Closed Airfields
  • Corrected Perth A/G Frequency
  • Updated Tacan Routes
  • Amended COPX build order to fix TC REDFA -> EHAA agreement display
  • Added BIGHDG SID for KK -> LL/WU flights
  • Add SODVU Box
  • Removed unnecessary GD FIN -> GD TWR COPX Agreement
  • Added new BAKUR RFC Area
  • Added SODVU Box ownership to ensure agreements for LC Deps -> TC SE function correctly
  • Added Thames -> TC SE EGLC EKNIV Departure Agreements
  • Added Jersey RFC Line
  • Updated London <-> Ireland agreements and Shannon sector names
  • Add DIKRO Box
  • Fixed TC South East Static Line Boundary
  • Remove all instances of LWC in ownership
  • Corrected Gatwick (EGKK) APP ownership and COPX for inbounds
  • Fixed errors in French sector ownership
  • Added Backup TC Gatwick (SPT) Frequency
  • Removed Doncaster (EGCN) Thorpe Marsh VRP
  • Updated London <-> France agreements to reflect the new LoA
  • Added new London position - Daventry Standalone (LON_M_CTR)
  • Fixed Bristol (EGGD) APP ownership to ensure correct function of COPX
  • Improved line display to Clacton sectors of TC
  • Added Reims Release Area
  • Fixed Line Display to AC Worthing between SITET-XIDIL for Brest/Paris' online presence
  • Landmass colour adjusted. Alternative colours added as comment
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