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UK Sector File (EuroScope) 2024/07

VATSIM UK Operations

About This File

UK Sector File (EuroScope)

What's New in Version 2021/04   See changelog


AIRAC 2021/04:

  • Removed Kirkwall (EGPA) W1 Holding Point
  • Updated Kirkwall (EGPA) Runway Heading


  • Corrected file preamble to relate to the correct department

  • Added Ground Networks for SB files to Compiler Config

  • Corrected Edinburgh (EGPH) Air Network STIRA Fixes

  • Added Missing Alternate Ownership for Warton (EGNO)

  • Changed name of Worthing-Paris Release Line -> La Manche Release Area

  • Added Standard Airways Routings for Exeter (EGTE)

  • Added SMAA Bases for various OCAS airports

  • Added DVR RFC Area

  • Removed duplicate ownership codes in EGGD, EGAE, EGLL, EGPK, and EGWU

  • Added London Heliport (EGLW) ownership and runway

  • Added Hawarden RMZ

  • Added Manchester (EGCC) Planner position

  • Corrected RT callsign of Heathrow (EGLL) Planner position

  • Removed Erroneous Coordinate in Gatwick RMA

  • Corrected Erroneous MTMA Outbound Agreements via ARSAT

  • Added Missing RADAR section to Compiler Config

  • Added Shannon LFUNCs

  • Improved Scottish EGPX FIR and Irish Sea CTA 1 definitions

  • Add Cumbernauld (EGPG) SMR

  • Updated Manchester MSA cones colour

  • Edited Bournemouth (EGHH) holding point D1

  • Unifies airspace base formatting with airspace class/conditional airspace as required

  • Refactored airspace bases to be consistent with how they are compiled

  • Updated UK Area positions files and added Shanwick & Gander Oceanic frequencies

  • Corrected Birmingham (EGBB) Air Network fixes

  • Added Splitting Functionality and COPX for Exeter Radar

  • Added new Coventry SMR (EGBE)

  • Reykjavik (BIRD) CTP sectorisation added to enable correct auto-handoff/sector prediction

  • Added FIR Flow Coordinator positions for CTP/events
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