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UK Sector File (EuroScope) 2023/09a

VATSIM UK Operations

About This File

UK Sector File (EuroScope)

What's New in Version 2021/13   See changelog


AIRAC 2021/13:

  • Adjusted Glasgow (EGPF) Runway heading
  • Renamed Lands End to Land's End
  • Updated Borders CTA 1 airspace base label

AIRAC 2021/10:

  • Updated Doncaster (EGCN) SMR

AIRAC 2021/09:

  • Updated Prestwick (EGPK) Runway heading


  • Error - Removed M604 Conventional airway entry
  • Procedure Change - EURM_CTR position split, becoming EURM_W_CTR (135.750)
  • Updated Eglinton (EGAE) runway threshold coordinates
  • Added Guernsey Approach Top-Down Ownership for Alderney
  • Removed redundant old data including runway fixes
  • Updated MUAC Jever ownership and EDWW frequencies
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