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UK Controller Pack 2021/01

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About This File

Controller pack for UK area sectors and various airfields

What's New in Version 2021/01   See changelog


A changes only donwload is also available here

New Features

  • Added TopSky manuals
  • Heathrow RECAT-EU items in lists for Heathrow profiles
  • Add Koksijde Gate and buffer as TopSky map
  • Add Brussels Release Line as TopSky map
  • Add Aberdeen profiles
  • Add Cardiff profiles
  • Add Solent profiles
  • Incorporate AFV Bridge plugin
  • Define Thames-Southend buffer as TopSky map
  • Define EGBB-EGNX buffer as TopSky map

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ATIS name in Heathrow voice.txt
  • Fixes underneath Berry Head CTA2/4 hidden by OCAS now drawn in TopSky
  • Conditional Airspace Display/Non-Display in ASRs following separation
  • Rearrange TopSkySettings add scaling options
  • Fix EGNX ATIS frequency
  • West profiles now call sector file correctly
  • Remove/adjust zoom conditions from gates/buffers/centrelines
  • Adds XY line to Essex ASRs
  • Added AtisFolder setting to all profiles

Routine Updates

  • 2021/01 sector file
  • TopSky 2.3.1b4
  • Unify Controller ID use for RAD/FIN/INT Positions
  • UKCP 2.8.0
  • Add Voice_military.txt
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