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UK Controller Pack 2022/03


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About This File

Controller pack for UK area sectors and various airfields

What's New in Version 2022/03   See changelog


Changes from 2022/02

  • Bug - Updated Sector File Descriptor URL to re-enable auto-download
  • Bug - Updated Heathrow Voice Settings (25 kHz spacing)
  • Enhancement - Removed Heathrow Old SMR ASR
  • Enhancement - Added EGGW_DEL to Voice.txt
  • Enhancement - Updated ASRs (turned CTAs on, updated airspace base label display, general improvements)
  • Enhancement - Refreshed generic SMR profile display settings
  • Enhancement - Added togglable Oceanic Clearance list columns to Area Sector Exit List
  • Enhancement - General list improvements
  • Enhancement - Added Gatwick Planner (EGKK_P_GND) to Voice.txt
  • Enhancement - Updated AC Alias to include CTP specific commands
  • Enhancement - Added Scottish FAVAs to profiles and as TopSky Maps
  • Enhancement - Updated P18 closed OCAS region to improve alignment (TopSky only)
  • Enhancement - Added 5 NM Scale Markers for DTY, CLN, WOR and DVR (TopSky only)
  • AIRAC (2203) - Amended Portsmouth Danger Areas routine vertical limit to FL100 (TopSky only)
  • AIRAC (2203) - Added Borders CTA 14 conditional airspace map (TopSky only)

If you don't wish to download the whole pack again and just wish to update your current setup, you can download a CHANGES ONLY version here. If you don't use the auto-download feature, you will need to replace your .prf (profile) files too to update the file path for the sector file.

If you'd like to help with the continued improvement of the pack, please visit GitHub.

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