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UK Sector File (EuroScope) 2018/13

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About This File

UK Sector File (EuroScope)

What's New in Version 2018/13   See changelog


AIRAC 2018/10

Added Sumburgh (EGPB) RNAV fixes

AIRAC 2018/13
Added Carlisle (EGNC) approach
Added EHAA->London (various) agreements for AD4 changes
Added Guernsey (EGJB) SIDs
Added Jersey (EGJJ) SIDs
Added JJZ->ACS agreements
Added LFRR High->ACS agreements for new routings to LTMA
Added London/Heathrow (EGLL) SMR Links Text
Updated Belfast/Aldergrove (EGAA) Runway Tracks
Updated Coventry (EGBE) VRP
Updated DCS->MAW agreement for MTMA inbounds
Updated Duxford (EGSU) basic info and runway details
Updated London/City (EGLC) STARs (also for London/Biggin Hill (EGKB))
Updated London/Gatwick (EGKK) SIDs
Updated London/Gatwick (EGKK) STARs
Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) SMR
Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) STARs
Updated London/Southend (EGMC) Frequencies
Updated London/Southend (EGMC) STARs
Updated London/Stansted (EGSS) STARs (also for Luton (EGGW) and Cambridge (EGSC)
Updated Inverness (EGPE) Frequencies
Updated REFSO area and ownership to IBNOS area
Updated Southampton (EGHI) STARs (also for Bournemouth (EGHH))
Updated & Removed multiple Airways
Updated EGTT Fixes
Updated EHAA Fixes

Other Changes

Added MAE->EGNM APP agreements
Added SASKI delegated airspace
Corrected Copenhagen (EKDK) Sector issue (unclosed boundaries)
Corrected London/Gatwick (EGKK) SID routing
Corrected London/Stansted (EGSS) SID routings
Corrected Manchester (EGCC) SMR colours
Corrected TOSVA fix coordinates
Removed Coventry (EGBE) airspace and SMAA data
Updated Bristol (EGGD) SMR
Updated MAW->MAE agreement for Midlands inbounds
Updated TCNW->TCSW agreement details for London/Gatwick (EGKK) inbounds
Updated MAW -> EIDW agreement for Dublin (EIDW) inbounds
Updated S23->TCNW agreements for Essex inbounds