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UK Sector File (EuroScope) 2020/06


About This File

UK Sector File (EuroScope)

What's New in Version 2020/06   See changelog


AIRAC 2020/05

  • Removed Fairoaks NDB

AIRAC 2020/06

  • Updated Exeter (EGTE) SMR
  • Updated London/City (EGLC) Threshold Coordinates
  • Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) SMR
  • Updated London/Luton (EGGW) runway designator
  • Updated VRPs in NW England (EGCC,EGCB, EGGP)

Other Changes

  • Added Agreements for St. Athan (EGSY)
  • Added Agreement TC COWLY->EGBB for GROVE1B
  • Added Glasgow/Prestwick (EGPK) VRP
  • Added London/Southend (EGMC) PDRs
  • Added Lydd (EGMD) VRPs
  • Added Solent Gate
  • Added St Athan (EGSY)
  • Corrected Agreement AC Dover ->EBBU for EBxx inbounds
  • Corrected Agreement AC Worthing->AC Dover for midlands inbounds
  • Corrected Agreement TC WELIN->EGBB for EGBB inbounds
  • Corrected Agreement TC WELIN->EGNX for EGNX inbounds
  • Corrected Agreement TC WELIN->S28 for all LTMA outbounds
  • Corrected Agreement TC WELIN->S28 for EGKK outbounds
  • Corrected Bristol (EGGD) SMR
  • Corrected Colour definitions
  • Corrected Frequency assignment in AC Clacton
  • Corrected Geo definitions
  • Corrected Gate definition
  • Corrected Line display between EGPX and BIRD FIRs
  • Removed Agreements for Filton (EGTG)
  • Updated Aberdeen (EGPD) SMR
  • Updated Agreements Antrim->ScTMA
  • Updated Barton (EGCB) SMR
  • Updated Birmingham (EGBB) SMR
  • Updated Bournemouth (EGHH) SMR
  • Updated Exeter (EGTE) Squawk Code Range
  • Updated Exeter (EGTE) Threshold Coordinates
  • Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) RMA
  • Updated London/Stansted (EGSS) STARs
  • Updated Lydd (EGMD) Frequencies
  • Updated Jersey (EGJJ) SID ordering
  • Updated naming in Manchester TMA
  • Updated Ownership of EBBU FIR
  • Updated Ownership of TC NE
  • Updated Scottish TMA (Gal->Tal) Agreements


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