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UK Controller Pack

VATSIM UK Operations

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UK Controller Pack

The official controller pack for all VATSIM UK positions. Where there are no specific profiles for airports/positions that are used for training, controllers may use the Generic profiles provided within.

Specific Profiles for:

  • London (Area)
  • Scottish (Area)
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • East Midlands
  • Edinburgh
  • Essex - Stansted and Luton
  • Exeter
  • Gatwick
  • Glasgow
  • Heathrow
  • Leeds
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Oxford
  • Solent - Southampton and Bournemouth
  • Thames - London City and Biggin
  • Observer Group Session

Installation instructions are contained within the pack: unzip the controller pack first, then within the 'UK' folder inside will be a README file (PDF format). Please read this carefully before moving the pack into the appropriate location.

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Version 2023/09a Available

Due to the 8.33 kHz trial, this update is mandatory for all controllers

⚠️ You must update your sector file and controller pack to ensure correct sector ownership and sector file identification when controlling.

Once you have updated, if you see any position in the controller list identified with the code <<ERROR, then it means they are using the incorrect frequency. Please direct them to update their sector file and to this forum for details of the correct frequency.

Installation Instructions

Due to the amount of changes made this cycle, we have chosen not to include a changes only download.

The pack is compatible with EuroScope 3.2.3 (the latest version) which can be downloaded here. We now recommend installing the pack into the new default 'working directory': \%appdata%\Roaming\EuroScope

A small program (Logon Details.exe) is now included in the main ‘UK folder’ This will insert basic user data into all required files, excluding passwords. Run this program before opening a profile.

See the README contained within the pack for full details.

Changes from version 2023/08

  • Procedure Change (2309) - 8.33 Trial (ENR Phase 1) - LAC West & LAC Clacton frequencies amended
  • Procedure Change (2309) - 8.33 Trial (AD Phase 1) - EGLL, EGPH, EGSS, EGGP frequencies amended
  • Procedure Change (2309) - 8.33 Trial (ENR Phase 1) - vATIS profiles updated for LAC West & LAC Clacton frequencies
  • AIRAC (2309) - EG D001 (Trevose Head) activation schedule amended
  • AIRAC (2309) - EG D713 (FJA South) & EG D901 (FJA North) added
  • AIRAC (2309) - Updated Heathrow hold inbound courses in aliases
  • AIRAC (2309) - Updated Wattisham Tower (EGUW_TWR) frequency
  • Bug - vATIS files EGKK frequency corrected
  • Bug - Update TopSky clearance item in departure list to use new DCL Window
  • Bug - Disable route draw on AC profiles (TopSky double route draw)
  • Bug - Fix Luton ATM to show aircraft
  • Enhancement - 8.33kHz information alias command (.833) added
  • Enhancement - Add new pilot alias
  • Enhancement - Added Channel Islands profiles, displays & settings
  • Enhancement - Logon details entry program added
  • Enhancement - Removed observer profiles, displays and related settings files
  • Enhancement - Added further area event split frequencies to voice settings (lines start X Area -...)
  • Enhancement - Added London Gatwick (EGKK/LGW) vATIS profile
  • Enhancement - Updated NERC history trails to align with reality (colour change and generated by UKCP)
  • Enhancement - Updated Scottish Upper non-TopSky profile to use NERC symbology and removed 'old' ACI symbology & profiles
  • Enhancement - Added equipment code in ICAO format setting
  • Enhancement - Update AC tags to match real world

A moment of silence for Kieran Hardern as we mourn the loss of the bloo area profiles

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