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Harry Sugden

UK Sector File

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Harry Sugden

The Sector File <- Download Link
You can also use the auto-download feature of EuroScope to obtain the latest version.

Found a bug while using the new sector file? That’s anything from an auto-handoff that doesn’t work, to a missing position, to a misbehaving agreement… Use the EuroScope department of the helpdesk!

Alternate ownerships for observing/mentoring

It's possible for mentors to get the correct sector ownerships without needing to select a primary frequency. Just go to Other settings...Sector ownership setup, click 'select all' and select 'Mentoring TWR/APP' from the list. For mentoring on LON_*_CTR (or SCO_CTR) you will need to select the relevant 'Observing LON_*_CTR' option instead to specify which sector(s) you are interested in.

The LON_*_CTR can also be used for observing purposes rather than mentoring, but this requires a quick edit of the UK.ese file to tell Euroscope what your log-in callsign for observing will be. (E.g. HS_OBS.) Open UK.ese in Notepad or another text editor and the line to edit is at the top and clearly indicated. There's also an 'Observing London FIR' option that will give you ownership of every sector in the FIR, regardless of who else is online.

Adjacent airports shown when using the General Setting 'Set active APT by owned sectors'

There is now an option to choose which departure airports to show, by means of a special runway 00 at '000A Show adjacent departure airports' in the Runway Selector dialogue. This mainly affects London and Scottish Control sectors.

Option 1, with a selected runway 00 on the right hand side (under DEP or ARR, or both, doesn't matter): the departure list will show departures from all airports within the sector, or immediately adjacent to it.

Option 2, with no runway 00 selected: the departure list will show departures only from airports for which you have top-down responsibility for TWR services. That is, only when nobody else is covering it. This is the mode of operation found in previous versions of the sector file.

Contributing to the Project


Contributing Guide

Edited by Chris Pawley

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Chris Pawley

New version 2019/06 now available

  • Added Newcastle (EGNT) RNAV transitions, RNAV approaches and STARs
  • Updated Agreements for Newcastle Inbounds
  • Updated Agreements for Solent Inbounds
  • Updated Biggin Hill (EGKB) STARs
  • Updated Birmingham (EGBB) SIDs
  • Updated Bournemouth (EGHH) STARs
  • Updated Cambridge (EGSC) STARs
  • Updated Doncaster (EGCN) STARs
  • Updated Edinburgh (EGPH) SMR
  • Updated London/City (EGLC) STARs
  • Updated London/Gatwick (EGKK) SMR
  • Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) SMR
  • Updated London/Heliport (EGLW) Frequency
  • Updated London/Luton (EGGW) STARs
  • Updated London/Stansted (EGSS) STARs
  • Updated Lower Airways
  • Updated Fixes for new airways and procedures
  • Updated Frequencies for 8.33 kHz spacing
  • Updated Southampton (EGHI) STARs
  • Updated Southend (EGMC) STARs
  • Updated Upper Airways

Other Changes

  • Added Birmingham (EGBB) descent/director lines
  • Added indicators for climbing/descending agreements for AC South
  • Corrected Agreement for London/Gatwick (EGKK) outbounds via SFD on easterlies
  • Corrected Agreements for TC NE, TC East and AC Clacton for traffic via C/C1/C2 exit points
  • Updated Frequency assignments for 136.xxx
  • Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) CPT SID for UKCP
  • Updated Static Boundaries for Manchester TMA sectors

A huge thanks to those people who have contributed to this release

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Chris Pawley

New version 2019/07 now available


AIRAC 2019/06

  • Updated Isle of Man CTA
  • Updated London/Heathrow (EGLL) STARs

AIRAC 2019/07

  • Updated Airway N160
  • Updated CAM NDB location
  • Updated East Midlands (EGNX) SMR
  • Updated Lands End (EGTC) frequencies
  • Updated London/Gatwick (EGKK) frequencies
  • Updated Welshpool (EGCW) frequencies
  • Updated Wycombe Air Park/Booker (EGTB) Frequencies
  • Updated Wycombe Air Park/Booker (EGTB) Runway Heading

Other Changes

  • Added indicators for climbing/descending agreements for PC Sectors
  • Added indicators for climbing/descending agreements for TC East / AC Clacton Sectors
  • Added indicators for climbing/descending agreements for TC North Sectors
  • Corrected AC Daventry to AC South agreements
  • Removed London/City (EGLC) & Biggin Hill (EGKB) STARs
  • Updated London/Gatwick (EGKK) SMR
  • Updated Magnetic Variation

A huge thanks to those people who have contributed to this release: @Nathan Innes, @Nathaniel Leff, @Adam Turner. @George Peppard , @Kye Taylor and @Harry Sugden

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      If you have questions, find me on Slack or in the Helpdesk.
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