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UK Controller Pack

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Harry Sugden

UK Controller Pack

The official controller pack for all VATSIM UK positions. Where there are no specific profiles for airports/positions that are used for training, controllers may use the Generic profiles provided within.

Specific Profiles for:

  • London (Area)
  • Scottish (Area)
  • Birmingham
  • East Midlands
  • Edinburgh
  • Essex - Stansted and Luton
  • Glasgow
  • London Heathrow
  • London Gatwick
  • Manchester
  • Thames - London City and Biggin
  • Observer Group Session

Installation instructions are contained within the pack: unzip the controller pack first, then within the 'UK' folder inside will be a README file (PDF format). Please read this carefully before moving the pack into the appropriate location.

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Luke Brown

Version 2021/03 is now current

Changes include:


  • Removed EURI CPDLC logon code
  • Improved EGNR (Hawarden) extended centrelines
  • Added Gatwick ATM profile and separated ATM settings
  • Added VATCAN bookings plugin (not turned in by default)
  • Directories referencing sector file now fixed to enable auto-update to work
  • UKControllerPlugin updated to 2.11.0
  • Exeter profile added
  • Oxford profile added

Bug Fixes

  • Bristol profiles navaid font sizes adjusted

Changes only download available from here

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    • Richard Keen
      By Richard Keen
      Just wondering .... is it easy to make new sector files for ATC positions that are not included in the UK pack? … i would maybe like to open up LYDD, but I guess that would mean making a new position from scratch, Sadly I only know the Basics regarding  Euroscope so making a new position like EGMD is a little over my head or is it easy to do?
      Thanks in advance
    • Daniel Lovett
      By Daniel Lovett
      Since downloading the new controller pack, I have nothing but issues.
      When changing the display settings and, for example, the departure list order/what shows in it, I click save for each change (ensuring that the green tick to show it is selected is there), and the settings that i change do not load on the next load. What is happening??
      I am currently running ES 3.2a(r26) With 2021_02 for the controller pack with up-to-date sector files and plugins. I have not change any of the settings in ES itself, just the settings i changed to do with display options on exit.
      I looked at where the settings were being saved and made sure it pointed towards the right thing, though still no luck. Not sure if i am the only person with this issue or I am just being dumb and not doing something correctly.
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      In the new ukcp with an smr, is there a way to make the datablock "light up" by hovering over or clicking on an a/c in the dep list, so that it becomes obvious where an a/c is ?
      I thought there used to be but may be wrong.
    • Robin Meads
      By Robin Meads
      The new aircraft symbol on the Euroscope smr now looks like a fuzzy X shape and it is not possible to tell which way the a/c is facing unless it is moving. As a/c have a habit of pushing back the wrong way this can cause problems for giving taxi directions. I much prefer the previous symbol that looked like an a/c and showed its facing direction.

    • Nick Sanderson
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      Hi all.
      I struggle when controlling with the font size of the departure list, I can make the font size bigger but the row height stays the same so as the font gets bigger it just gets clipped.  Any suggestion how to increase the row size??  I've attached screenshot with larger font and you can see what i mean.  
      Many thanks - I'm almost S1 exam ready and it's holding me back.  Cheers.  Nick
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