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[1st April 1800-2100z] Friday Night Fly-In - Goodwood EGHR

David Waterman

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David Waterman

Hello everyone,
Some advanced warning this time but with the Barton-Blackpool event this week I've cast out a bit further to the first Friday in April and will be opening up Goodwood aerodrome for the night.

Come and bring your puddle jumpers for some circuit work or fly in or out of the local area. Alternatively grab your turboprops and bizjets and fly IFR to take the rich and famous home for the weekend or into Goodwood for the racing and tours of the house.

  • Aerodrome: Goodwood (EGHR)
  • Date and Time: 1st April 2022, 1800-2100z,
  • Staffed position: EGHR_I_TWR (Goodwood Information) 122.450
  • Services available: Flight Information Basic Service in the areas around Goodwood (roughly 50nm), aerodrome information, VFR and IFR (in partnership with London Control) departures and arrivals.
  • Requests or Extra Info: As mentioned, anyone is welcome to staff up adjacent AFIS/AG units or other airports too!
    • Brighton City Airport (EGKA) is a short flight along the coast from the East, Solent Airport (EGHF) is another short flight along the coast from the west. From the North options include Blackbushe (EGLK), Fairoaks (EGTF) or Farnborough (EGLF)
    • Farnborough LARS or Solent approach would make things interesting!
    • London Information (EGTT_I_CTR) is welcome for C1 controllers to staff up if they wish


Pilot information (available in UK eAIP, posted here for your convenience):


The following links are the the official Information for Pilots from Goodwood, please read through.




  • Departing aircraft can start at their own discretion. No need to call for start-up!
  • When ready for taxi, call up for aerodrome information and taxi. The FISO will provide runway in use, weather information, QNH/QFE and taxi instructions.



  • Dead side or overhead joins are preferred.


  • Traffic departing must follow noise abatement procedures to avoid angry farmers and residents.


Other Info

  • Please feel free to stream or record this! Just share it here when your done as I'm always interested to listen back afterwards and get a different perspective then looking out my tower 🙂
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