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Loui Ringer

Hello All,

Following discussion at the last DSG meeting, we agreed that this club should be kept. We like the idea of having a club where people can come together to organise group flights, staff ups, events and have general discussion about a specific area of aviation. There are ongoing chats within the DSG as to what else we could use the clubs feature for, so please keep an eye! 

I have invited @Darren Hill to become the leader of this club, he will work closely alongside Marketing to organise staff-ups, GA events and engage with the members of the club to make it a welcoming place for all! 

I will be working closely with Darren over the next few months to ensure that he settles into this and to also make sure that this club can have a new kick-start. 

Please join me in congratulating Darren on this new opportunity!

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