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UK Sector File

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Jack Edwards

New version 2020/12 now available

AIRAC 2020/12

  • Added REMSI buffer
  • Added Talla-Galloway buffer
  • Added Channel Islands Coastline
  • Added part timeairspace selectability
  • Added Newcastle (EGNT) SMAA
  • Added Isle of Man (EGNS) SMAA
  • Added the RAMOX Buffer (PC West / DUBN) as a display item under STARS
  • Added RAF Valley (EGOV) SMR
  • Added RAF Waddington (EGXW) SMR
  • Added RAF Shawbury (EGOS) SMR
  • Added RAF Leeming (EGXE) SMR
  • Added RAF Northolt (EGWU) SMR
  • Added Culdrose (EGDR) SMR
  • Added Line draw version of Bristol buffer zone
  • Added Bournemouth (EGHH) SMAA
  • Added Southampton (EGHI) SMAA
  • Added Belfast City (EGAC) SMAA
  • Corrected INS VOR details
  • Corrected Liverpool (EGGP) SMAA
  • Corrected Thames airspace line display
  • Corrected AC West/GD APP POMAX Agreement
  • Corrected Inverness (EGPE) SMAA
  • Corrected Cardiff (EGFF) SMAA
  • Corrected Jersey (EGJJ) SMAA R
  • emoved duplicate coastline files
  • Removed duplicate lines in Daventry CTA
  • Removed Blackpool (EGNH) SMAA
  • Removed Tiree (EGPU) runway 17/35 (Disused)
  • Removed Gatwick (EGKK) holding point 'K'
  • Removed Tiree (EGPU) disused runway 17/35
  • Updated basic info
  • Updated Norway FIR to Polaris FIR (includes updated callsigns)
  • Updated PC East (Stafa/Trent)-PC West (S29) Midlands agreements
  • Updated EGHG runways headings
  • Updated Farnborough (EGLF) sector/airspace lines and add RMA
  • Updated EGYM Marham to SMR Updated RAF Leuchars (EGQL) wireframe to SMR
  • Updated Manchester (EGCC) SMAA
  • Updated Contributing Guide to remove references to Core and Slack
  • Updated EGMD runway heading
  • Updated Tiree (EGPU) runway headings
  • Updated Eglinton (EGAE) runway heading
  • Updated Land's End (EGHC) runway heading and threshold coordinates
  • Updated Perth (EGPT) runway heading
  • Updated Enniskillen (EGAB) runway headings
  • Updated RAF Cranwell (EGYD) to SMR
  • Updated Irish agreements and sectors
  • Updated Belfast Aldergrove (EGAA) SMAA
  • Updated Lydd (EGMD) stand numbering
  • Updated Sectorisation for AC West
  • Updated Booker (EGTB) positions and frequencies


A huge thanks to those people who have contributed to this release: 

@Luke Brown @Reece Buckley @Daniel Button @Chad Byworth @Scott Daniels @Trevor Hannant @Arvid Hansson @Benjamin Matthews @Aleks Nieszczerzewski @Lee Roberts and @Harry Sugden.

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Jack Edwards

Due to a compiler error, data for the Bristol buffer, OCAS regions and other region information was missed in the 2020/12 version. This has been corrected in the 2020/12b version.

New version 2020/12b now available

AIRAC 2020/12b

  • Added Heathrow (EGLL) 350nm AMAN range ring
  • Corrected missing region data


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Jack Edwards

We have been notified by vACC France of some important sector changes for CTP. We have incoporated these changes and taken the opportunity to correct a few minor bugs.

New version 2020/12c now available

AIRAC 2020/12c

  • Enhancement/Bug - Various fixes prior to the introduction of the new compiler - thanks to @AndyTWF (Andy Ford)
  • Bug - Fixed KB TWR online ring displaying erroneously - thanks to @AleksMax (Aleks Nieszczerzewski)
  • Bug - EISN main sector ID serror fixed - thanks to @robbo599 (Lee Roberts)
  • Bug - Removed Duplicated Aberporth File - thanks to @danielbutton (Daniel Button)
  • Bug - Fixed EISN_N_CTR frequency error - thanks to @TheoBearman (Theo Bearman)
  • Bug - Correct ownership within the Channel Islands - thanks to @itsbenny99 (Benjamin Matthews)
  • Bug/Procedure Change - Added new French (Paris, Brest and Reims) sectorisation - thanks to @hsugden (Harry Sugden)
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      I have downloaded the uk Controller plugin as well as my key. And entered that accordingly into euroscope. But i do not have the file fore icao airports and icao airlines!
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      Can someone explain how to install the new UKCP - when I downloaded the zip file I have loads of different folders including 'lib', 'resource', 'spike', 'test' and many more. I just don't know what to do with them and what needs to be done inside of Euroscope.
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      We are already within the next 28 day sprint to add as many new features, updates and bug fixes to the UK Sector File. I'm using the standard workflow of the previous few releases:
      Timeline: (AIRAC +28 means the AIRAC change is 28 days from this moment in our timeline)
      ✔️AIRAC +28 I will take care of downloading the AIRAC change documents to our local google drive folder (for correct linking in issues) (It is done, located here)
      ✔️AIRAC +28 -> AIRAC +22 - we take some time to scan through changes proposed from AIP - make issues in Github tagged to 1811 Milestone and ensure that nothing gets missed and linked to the documents from the first step.
      [Behind the scenes, I will identify all the other tasks generated by this AIRAC change (non-sector file related) and create a working list of these for me and other members to work on.]
      ✔️AIRAC +22 -> AIRAC +10 - The Sector File team (you!) complete outstanding issues
      ✔️AIRAC +8 -> AIRAC +6 - I'll build a DEV version of sector file generated and shared for testing of big or complex changes (and provide the link  here)
      [Behind the scenes, the controller pack is also updated in this time]
      ✔️Approx AIRAC +4 Development Freeze - after this time I like to start packaging things for download.

      ✔️Approx AIRAC +2 Release versions of SCT/ESE etc. build and double checked
      ✔️Approx AIRAC +1 Forum Posts Updated, Download links Updated, Euroscope's Automated Download Tool Updated
      As we go through these stages, I'll update this post to show what we're all working on right now.

      As ever, if you want to contribute, please do! Find our repo at www.github.com/vatsim-uk/uk-sector-file (especially checkout the contribution guide) and our slack channel #ops_uk_sectorfile
      If you have questions, find me on Slack or in the Helpdesk.
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