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UK Sector File

VATSIM UK Operations

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The Sector File <- Download Link
You can also use the auto-download feature of EuroScope to obtain the latest version.

Found a bug while using the new sector file? That’s anything from an auto-handoff that doesn’t work, to a missing position, to a misbehaving agreement… Use the EuroScope department of the helpdesk!

Alternate ownerships for observing/mentoring

It's possible for mentors to get the correct sector ownerships without needing to select a primary frequency. Just go to Other settings...Sector ownership setup, click 'select all' and select 'Mentoring TWR/APP' from the list. For mentoring on LON_*_CTR (or SCO_CTR) you will need to select the relevant 'Observing LON_*_CTR' option instead to specify which sector(s) you are interested in.

The LON_*_CTR can also be used for observing purposes rather than mentoring, but this requires a quick edit of the UK.ese file to tell Euroscope what your log-in callsign for observing will be. (E.g. HS_OBS.) Open UK.ese in Notepad or another text editor and the line to edit is at the top and clearly indicated. There's also an 'Observing London FIR' option that will give you ownership of every sector in the FIR, regardless of who else is online.

Adjacent airports shown when using the General Setting 'Set active APT by owned sectors'

There is now an option to choose which departure airports to show, by means of a special runway 00 at '000A Show adjacent departure airports' in the Runway Selector dialogue. This mainly affects London and Scottish Control sectors.

Option 1, with a selected runway 00 on the right hand side (under DEP or ARR, or both, doesn't matter): the departure list will show departures from all airports within the sector, or immediately adjacent to it.

Option 2, with no runway 00 selected: the departure list will show departures only from airports for which you have top-down responsibility for TWR services. That is, only when nobody else is covering it. This is the mode of operation found in previous versions of the sector file.

Updating the sector file in the controller pack

If you're using a controller pack later than 2020/02 - you can use the auto-download tool built in to Euroscope. This will automatically download the new sector file and ask if you want to use it in place of the previous version.

If you prefer to do things manually, if your ASR is looking for a file called "UK.sct" - you can simply rename the sectorfile you have downloaded. If you want to have some automation, you can change each ASR to look for UK_yyyy_mm.sct and add your new sector file to the folder located at Euroscope\UK\Data\sector\...  - Euroscope will prompt you to use the latest version of the sector file each time you load Euroscope.


Contributing to the Project

We always welcome contributions as the sector file works best when we all work towards keeping it updated. Below you can find the repository of data and the guide to contributing to our sector file in a future cycle.



Contributing Guide

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2023/09 Released!

--- AIRACs: ---
Updated Kirknewton (EGKT) Runway Coordinate
Updated Dover (DVR) VOR/DME coordinates
Added EG D713 (Fast Jet Area South) & EG D901 (Fast Jet Area North)
Added Portland Heliport (EGDP) A/G Position and Updated Basic Data
Updated ADN, IOM, LND and TNT VOR Coordinates
Removed Bristol (EGGD) stands 31R & 33L
Added Waddignton (EGXW) RNP approach fixes
Updated Wattisham (EGUW) Tower frequency
Added Biggin Hill (EGKR) new taxiway
Added Fairoaks (EGTF) disused taxiway

Updated Belfast Aldergrove (EGAA) SMR

--- Other: ---
Procedure Change (2309):
Amended EuroCenter vACC EURM-W and EURW-N callsigns to EUC-MW and EUC-WN, respectively
8.33KHz Trial - Changed non-UK frequencies
8.33KHz Trial (ENR Phase 1) - Transitioned LAC West & Clacton frequencies
8.33 Trial (AD Phase 1) - Transition EGLL/PH/SS/GP Frequencies

Removed Gatwick (EGKK) stand 145 L/R labels
Renamed Waddington (EGXW) holding points
Fixed Farnborough (EGLF) Inbound Agreements from the north via CPT.

Updated Birmingham (EGBB) SMR style
Added Derby (EGBD) SMR
Removed Manchester (EGCC) disused stands
Improved East Midlands (EGNX) VFR Lane and SID Line Colours
Added Jersey Control radar regions & colours
Added Yeovilton (EGDY) stand numbers
Added Leeds East (EGCM) SMR
Updated Barton (EGCB) SMR
Added Haverfordwest (EGFE) SMR

Thanks to: @Samuel Lefevre @Alice Ford @Callum Webb @Luke Brown @Peter Mooney @Daniel Button @Kye Taylor for their contributions this cycle!

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2023/09a Released to correct a bug with the 8.33kHz ATIS frequencies when being hosted natively in EuroScope:

Corrected 8.33kHz trial ATIS frequencies

Added Middle Wallop (EGVP) FATO (runway) and helicopter SIDs

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