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Marketing Assistant Appointment

Good evening,    I am pleased to announce that @Piers Austin-Foss will be joining the staff team as Marketing Assistant. Piers has been involved with the department for a good year and has demonstrated a clear passion for excelling our GA event series and Social Media campaign structure.    Piers will be assisting Tom with our media to start with and will more importantly be working with our live streaming team closely as we re-structure the system.      Please join

Loui Ringer

Loui Ringer in Staff Changes

Media Manager

Evening all,   @Thomas Greer will be joining the marketing department as the new "Media Manager". I look forward to seeing what we can achieve with another pair of hands.    Please join me in welcoming Thomas to the staff team! 

Loui Ringer

Loui Ringer in Staff Changes

- Harrison Grose

Hello everyone. Having embarked upon the final year of my secondary education (year 13), I have found myself with limited time on my hands to commit myself fully to the marketing manager role that I occupy. Therefore, Loui and I have made the decision that it would be best, for all parties, that I step down from my role within marketing. It's been a special opportunity to work with @Loui Ringer and @Ben Wright, all the DSG and everyone who's been involved with graphics and live streaming -

Harrison Grose

Harrison Grose in Staff Changes

Marketing Managers

All, I would like to say thank you to everyone who applied, there were some fantastic applications. Please join me in welcoming @Ben Wright and @Harrison Grose who will both be joining the staff team as Marketing Managers. Ben is a known member of the community and will be working alongside me to help with event planning, VACC partnerships and working with the community to promote staff-ups. Harrison has brilliant experience working with video editing software(s), running media channels out

Loui Ringer

Loui Ringer in Staff Changes

- Trevor Hannant

Hi all. After some careful consideration, I’ve tendered my resignation to the DSG.  I’ve accepted a new job which will involve some travel and significant work/study on re-training from my current skills hence leaving me with limited time to provide a firm commitment to the Division.  I’d like to thank not only @Simon Irvine and the rest of the DSG for giving me the opportunity to provide support to the Division from “the inside” but to @Layth Al-Wakil, @Alex Ashley and @Loui Ringer wh

Trevor Hannant

Trevor Hannant in Staff Changes

- Alex Ashley

All, It is with deep regret that over the last few days I have come to the difficult decision to resign from the role of Social Media Manager. With an increasingly busy personal life and with my acceptance of a role at a flight simulation service, I feel that I no longer have the time nor the energy to deliver what the community deserves. Since joining the team at the start of the year, I have been thrilled by the support I have received from both the staff group and membership alike -

Alex Ashley

Alex Ashley in Staff Changes

- Layth Al-Wakil

Good Evening All, After some careful consideration I’ve decided to inform the DSG of my intention to step down from the role of Marketing Director. When I originally took on the role I knew that my personal real-world commitments would start taking up more time, however they have taken more time than I had anticipated. Furthermore, I’ve also had to re-locate to New Zealand which has an 11 hour time zone difference making communication with everyone in the UK a bit harder, this ultimate

Layth Al-Wakil

Layth Al-Wakil in Staff Changes

Events and Social Media Managers

Good Evening All, Following the completion of the application process, please welcome @Trevor Hannant and @Loui Ringer to the Marketing team. Loui has been very involved with our Social Media within the past few months and has shown exceptional talent and dedication, especially during Live! and more recently during Cross The Pond in which even Gunnar Lindahl took notice of his hard work. He will be moving from his current role to become the Social Media Manager with the role of assista

Layth Al-Wakil

Layth Al-Wakil in Staff Changes

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