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2024-05-16 - Manchester (EGCC) - Dual Runway Operations

VATSIM UK Operations

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Effective 16 May 2024


Manchester Airport has published new times for dual runway operations during the summer months (which VATSIM controllers are permitted to simulate year-round). The times are as follows; 

  • Monday-Friday (0615-2000L)
  • Saturday (0615-1600L)
  • Sunday (0615-0930L) (1300-2000L) 


AIR 1 may open dual runways during these hours, or when the other conditions documented in the vMATS are met. In addition, GMC may now elect to select dual runway operations only during the published times, in the absence of AIR or top-down coverage GMC controllers are reminded that an ATIS without an AIR controller is advisory, pilots on unicom may choose to land on a different runway. 


GMC controllers do not provide service to traffic on the taxiways south of runway 23R/05L whether AIR is online or not. Therefore, when simulating dual runway operations without AIR coverage,  GMC should instruct traffic to monitor UNICOM when approaching the northern runway and allow them to cross and depart on unicom. Inbound traffic on 05R should only be controlled once they have crossed 23R/05L If traffic contacts GMC after vacating the southern runway, they should be instructed to cross 23R/05L on unicom and recontact when vacated.. Controllers are encouraged to put a note in the controller information making it clear they don’t cover the taxiways south of 23L/05R.


Documentation Status

The Manchester (EGCC) vMATS Part 2 has been updated to reflect the changes.  


Edited by Kieran Hardern
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