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2022-06-25 - Aerodrome - Harmonised Aircraft Speed Table

Chad Byworth

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Effective 25 June 2022

From the above date all VATSIM UK aerodromes that use an aircraft speed table for the purpose of applying departure separation intervals (with the exception of London/Heathrow) will transition to a harmonised aircraft speed table. This new table covers the common types seen on VATSIM plus those seen less frequently but for which performance can be reasonably well predicted. The table will simplify procedures at some aerodromes (notably London/Gatwick) however it is hoped that the end result is a better application of speed separation across all aerodromes. A significant benefit is that controllers will no longer need to learn new tables when changing aerodromes.

The new table is listed below - except where specified in local documentation it is to be used in accordance with the following rules:

  1. The basic separation interval (typically 2 minutes but documented locally) is applied between types in the same group (or where the following aircraft is one group slower)
  2. An additional 1 minute is added for each successive group when the following aircraft is faster (where the resulting timed interval is excessive the controller may coordinate an early release)
  3. The basic interval may be reduced by 1 minute when the following aircraft is two or more groups slower (however the controller must account for wake turbulence separation)
  4. Types not on the speed table (and the subsequent aircraft) are subject to release from the appropriate radar controller.



Documentation Status

Aerodrome vMATS Part 2s and Crib Sheets will be updated at their next revisions.




Edited by Chad Byworth
SF34 ICAO code corrected - thanks to Arvid Hansson
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