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ukplug-in Unable to locate plugins folder

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James Finn

Hey all,

I've booked to attend the 1400-1600z Introduction to ATC session but I need to get the UK controller plug-in in but cannot find the Plugins folder. Any help is appreciated.


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Robin Millis

Hey James,

Booked on that one myself!

I assume you mean EuroScope's plugins? The official text I read states to put this near the controller files. However you can create a plugins folder to use, or I myself have just put this in the Settings folder for EuroScope, which when you load the plugins will accept this folder location.

Hope this helps.


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Adam Turner

As Robin said, there is no plugins folder included with Euroscope or the UK Controller Pack. The usual thing to do is to create a new folder called Plugins inside Documents\Euroscope\UK\Data. 

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