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    • Simon Irvine
      By Simon Irvine
      There will be an exam on Bristol Tower on Thursday starting at 1930 local.
      We need a good mix of IFR and VFR to make the exam a success.
      Supporting control from London West,  as well as Bristol Radar, would be appreciated.
      Hope to see you there!!
    • Stephen Fullam
      By Stephen Fullam
      Hello, I have completed all my theory training on Moodle but I can not sit the exam. I believe this is because I have not attended the OBS_PT1 group session. Do I have to attend this session before I can start my mentoring/training? Thank you
    • Sonny Nixon
      By Sonny Nixon
      Good Afternoon people,
      I am currently in the process of helping a new out that I was previously part of that just restarted again. We are wanting to have an ATC side and I was thinking I could use EuroScope but I am unsure on how to start one and what it is called. I remember when I was part of FlyUK I had to start a proxy server and select start a sweatbox session and then instructor had control to put aircraft on the ground and move them around etc. This is what I am wanting to be able to do for my new VA I am helping. If anyone knows anything about this please do let me know by replying to this thread or contact me on discord Sonny#1507.
      P.S The virtual airline is hopefully going to be Thomas Cook Virtual and we will be recruiting pilots very soon, so keep your eyes peeled :)
      Many Thanks,
    • Rhys Warner-Smith
      By Rhys Warner-Smith
      Disregard. The issue has managed to fix itself - long may it remain so! 

      Hello there, 

      I have updated ES to 3.2 today and after a few small issues here and there it all seems to be back in working order aside from the METAR. I cannot for the life of me get ES to gather the weather data for my desired location. I will type in the airport ICAO code in the designated box and click the 'Get METAR' button and nothing happens - the same result if I click on the 'Test URL' button too. I'm a little lost for how to proceed, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

      I'll attach a screenshot of my ES voice ATIS setup, in case that is of any help to you. 

      Thanks very much,


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