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ATC Procedure Changes

From time to time ATC procedures change and evolve to suit the airspace requirements. This forum will detail any differences to ATC procedures from what is currently written in the local documentation in order to notify pilots and controllers of the change. Any changes detailed within this forum are to be used on VATSIM from the date given. Changes will have one of the following categories:

  • [PENDING] - this change is upcoming, it is not active yet. This is advance notification of a change that will happen soon, giving controllers and pilots a chance to read and understand the new procedure before it comes into effect.
  • [ACTIVE] - this change is already in effect and it is to be used by controllers and pilots when using the VATSIM Network. Local documentation (vMATS, cheat sheets, etc.) have not yet been updated, so will not detail this new procedure. The new procedure in this forum is the one which should be used.
  • [INCORPORATED] - this change has been active for a while and has now been fully written into the local documentation. It will stay in this forum for a short while longer to ensure that all controllers have noticed the change.

If there are any questions about the use of this forum please use the Helpdesk system to send a ticket to ATC Training.