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[STAFF CHANGES] Tower TG Staff Changes

Daniel Crookes



Hi all,

In light of the recent interviews that have been conducted for a new Tower TGI, I am delighted to announce that @Matthew Dean will be joining the training team in this position.

Matthew is extremely keen to continue our venture towards a structured initial training plan, and shared some great ideas with the team during his interview. With him, Matthew brings a wealth of real-world experience including currently undergoing training in the real-world ATC environment which, as we have seen with some other members of the training team, lends itself well to what we are trying to achieve on VATSIM.

The interest and enthusiasm we had from all applicants was extremely refreshing and I look forward to everyone who applied getting more involved in the training team.

As one comes, one goes, and unfortunately, we will be saying goodbye to @James Yuen. It cannot be overstated how much time, energy and enthusiasm James has given to the Training Department over the many years. He has nurtured Heathrow for as far back as I can remember and has played a key role in running our tower training alongside the other TGIs. Please join me in thanking James for his tireless efforts over the years; I have been assured he won't be a stranger.

I hope Monday hasn't been too hard on anyone - enjoy the reset of your week 😄!


Dan ✈️


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Moderate sized shoes to fill @James Yuen 😉 🤣 Thank you for what you have contributed already to the Tower TG, I look forward to working with the team to keep TG Tower the best TG... 😮 

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@James Yuen you've been a name since I did my S2. Thanks for your time over the past few years, and we'll see you around 😉

@Matthew Dean , I expect nothing less than to see Bournemouth become a training aerodrome! Welcome 🙂


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10 hours ago, Darren Hill said:

Bournemouth become a training aerodrome!

I can confirm this is top priority... 😈😉🤣🤣

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Thank you everyone. It’s been a pleasure being involved in the ATC TD. I would reply individually, but this will have to do. For those have gone through S2 training in the past year or so, I hope you had a good experience! For now however, I shall be spending my evenings watching the Champions of Europe either on TV or abroad (up the Chels) and enjoying the rest of my uni life. Moreover, as Dan said, I hope to hang around a bit and with Cross the Pond: Eastbound 2021 around the corner, I’ll be helping pull a few loose ends together with some others!

A few thank you’s: to @George Peppard and @Adam Farquharson for keeping TG TWR going. @Matthew Dean I’m sure you’re bringing a great wealth of experience to the team and I use this to formally congratulate you! To @Daniel Crookes and @Oliver Rhodes - whilst the general membership probably don’t see these guys around much, they have been (and with all the factors that need to be considered considered) taking training in the right direction, given their real world commitments.


Its very difficult to commit time, especially volunteering when one has a busy schedule. VATSIM UK, and more so: the training department(s) has become what it is through people’s time. I’d like to say a final thank you to all the mentors I’ve had over the past few years across several TGI positions for being at the forefront of, ultimately, allowing people to get better entertainment on quiet evenings at home. Putting things into perspective however, just think back to some of the worst points of lockdown and the fact that the mentoring you did perhaps 1,2,3 or even 10 years ago really kept people going at a strange period of our lives.



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