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S1 Syllabus and Lesson Plans Release!

Daniel Crookes


Hi all,

Marking the end of a year-long project for the New Controller TG, including six months of trials with groups of students and mentors, we’re pleased to announce the introduction of a series of structured lesson plans for S1 students.

The practical component (part two) of the S1 training programme will now consist of a series of four sessions, which students will move through sequentially to apply the knowledge obtained from the programme’s theoretical component (part one) to scenarios that students are likely to encounter on the network. Each session builds on the last, and the fourth and final session includes a period of consolidation in which students review the objectives of the first three sessions to ensure their confidence to take their practical exam (part three).

We expect that the vast majority of students will cover all of the aims and objectives of the practical course within the four sessions, and will be forwarded for their exam after the fourth session. As before, the programme does not ask students to become perfect controllers, rather to become reasonably competent controllers who can provide a good-quality service on the network and - most importantly - continue to develop their skills. However, where the New Controller TG Instructors feel that a student requires further training to meet the course’s aims and objectives, they can arrange additional bespoke sessions on a case-by-case basis.

A massive thank you to the instructors, mentors, and students who’ve helped to develop and trial these lesson plans, and to everyone who’s provided the feedback which has gone into developing its content!

Dan ✈️

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