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Marketing Update

Loui Ringer




I have taken over from Trevor and I am settling into my position as the Marketing Director for VATSIM UK. This post is for me to provide an update to the community regarding the marketing department. I’d like to say a thank you to Trevor for his work; he has laid an excellent foundation for me to build on.


I am looking to move events away from Saturday evenings; this is due to feedback from the community. Friday evenings, Saturday/Sunday lunchtimes are something to trial. I have been negotiating with our overseas friends to set up a regular city pair that will allow members to vote on which airport we use, this will be based from the community group system that the community team have been working hard to set up.

I am more than happy for anyone to suggest events, because, this is our community and you are welcome to have an opinion on the events that I provide. I would like to use the “Event Contribution” award more frequently so this is a good way to allow me to use it.

A page will be set up on the website to inform members on the best way to contact us about event planning.

Currently, the community are given 2 weeks notice of upcoming events. This is good for when we have more than one event in that period; members won’t become confused because there are event posts everywhere. For larger events (like Heathrow Overload), I will aim to provide 3-4 weeks notice. 

Social Media:

We now have 3 awards for members who win screenshot competitions, they are:

  • Photographer 1 (Awarded for winning 1 screenshot competition)

  • Photographer 2 (Awarded for winning 3 screenshot competitions)

  • Photographer 3 (Awarded for winning 5 or more screenshot competitions)

To utilise this system, I will be running a lot more screenshot competitions. Winners will have their screenshots added as the Facebook/Twitter cover photos.

Behind The scope will run every two weeks on a Sunday night (if traffic permits). A huge thank you to the active live-streamers who have helped hugely.  

Mentoring Session/Exam Advertisement:  

Because mentoring sessions don’t always go ahead, advertising a week's worth of sessions isn’t helpful. The busiest day for mentoring sessions is Saturdays and Sundays, so, I will be publishing the day’s sessions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. These are aimed at pilots outside of the community who may be looking for somewhere to fly. Our Social Media outlets are handy for attracting exam traffic, this is currently my discretion as to whether an exam needs to be advertised. For example, a Heathrow Director exam on a Saturday night will already have enough traffic. A slack channel is available to examiners in case of an exam looking quiet, I also try to keep an eye on the “#request_atc_pilot" channel.


At the moment, the banners are made by members outside of the staff team who have the required Photoshop skills, I am making a list of members who would be happy to offer their skills in this area (as volunteers).

Social Media and Events Managers:

Since being appointed, I have had a large interest from the community regarding these roles. I have been trialling working on my own for the past two weeks and I’m sorry to say that the workload isn’t sufficient enough to split. I am more than happy for people to pitch their event ideas and offer to make banners. If the workload in the department starts to increase, then I will open these roles. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email me or drop me a message on slack. 

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Loui Ringer


I have created a slack channel for people with relevant PhotoShop skills. If you are interested in helping out, please let me know. I'm just looking for a few people to help out with banners and graphics. 


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