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Looking to post an Event? Please read first!

Trevor Hannant

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Trevor Hannant

Hello there!

Thank you for visiting the VATSIM UK Forum to advertise your event. Before you do, please read and comply with the following to ensure that this area remains clear and consistent.

Title format [Day Month Time] Title e.g. [7th July 1800-2100z] Ibiza Overload

  • Use the UK date format (Day before month)
  • Use the full month name (i.e. December, not Dec)
  • Remove colons from event times (i.e.  1800-2100z, not 18:00-21:00z)
  • Include a hyphen between the event times
  • Include a "z" to indicate that the time is in Zulu
  • Capitalise the first letters of the month and title

Post content

  • Centre the main image
  • Use the standard VATSIM UK Forum font
  • One post per week (see below)

Please don't

  • Post recurring events (e.g. "Every Sunday"), unless approved by the Marketing Director
  • "Hijack" another event's thread to promote your own event - feel free to link to another on your own thread

Thank you for your help!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the Helpdesk here.

Edited by Loui Ringer
Edit: Recurring events changed to allow MWM
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