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Heathrow EGLL Crib Sheet 2020/06

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Heathrow EGLL Crib Sheet

What's New in Version 2020/06   See changelog


  • SID list updated to include revised GOGSI/GASGU departures
  • SID list updated to remove withdrawn DET2Z departure
  • SID list updated to include new MAXIT/MODMI departures
  • Departure separation table updated to include MAXIT/MODMI departures
  • Various frequency changes to AC Bandbox, AC Clacton, TC East, TC Bandbox. Frequences which differ from the real world counterparts due to 8.33kHz limitations have been noted.
  • Compton 09L/R clearance amended to include runway
  • Inbound courses for holding facilities, ILS and runway course updated
  • Gatwick standard routing updated
  • Old SID routing table updated to include withdrawn MID departure
  • STAR table updated. OCK1A and OCK4B/2C/3E removed to be replaced by BNN1D and HAZEL1H respectively
  • Amended Level restrictions for EHAM traffic

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