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Pilot Training Seminars

Daniel Crookes


Hi All,

Over the past month, the PTD has been testing the idea of seminars specific to each of the courses we offer (P1/2/3/4).

After conducting several seminars and receiving very positive feedback, we have decided to continue with the seminars. 

There will be a minimum of one seminar for each course every month led by the relevant Flight Training Instructor or a small group of mentors. The seminars will be run initially for the P1 (Online Pilot) and P2 (Flight Fundamentals) courses, closely followed by the P3 (VFR Pilot) and P4 (IFR Pilot) courses later in Q3.

The seminars will be available to people who are in training or, on the relevant waiting lists. However, it is highly likely that there will be spaces available; therefore, anyone who would like to attend the session to learn about our courses is more than welcome to do so!

Recently, the division has launched a new feedback system which from our perspective allows us to target specific areas of the feedback, for example, VFR procedures, and then tailor the seminars accordingly.

Students will be able to join the Seminars via the Students > Seminars tab on the CTS here. If you have any questions regarding a seminar contact the appropriate Flight Training Instructor and they'll get back to you, or, open a ticket!


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