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Open Source Web Services - Update 1

Anthony Lawrence


Evening all,

I just wanted to provide a quick overview on where we are in terms of open sourcing our code base as we enter Q2 of 2016.  For those who haven't read the plan as a whole, please see the overview post:


Local development deployment - As the core part of our system requires integration with SSO and Cert, we need to ensure that when people pull our code and deploy it locally, they’re not hindered by this.
Target: Q2/3 2016


This has now been completed.  The SSO element of our authentication simply detects that it isn't going to work on the current setup and reverts to an alternative login process. In this scenario (of not having any of the SSO authentication information, or having any access to the CERT scripts) the system won't try to use them.


Restructure the authentication system - When VATSIM SSO had launched, we already had our own SSO in place.  As VATSIM SSO progress (I know .net Web Services have some plans to move this forward), the current implementation will be unmanageable.  We need to just review the entire authentication process.
Target: Q2 2016


Elements of this have started, but the big overhaul hasn't yet occurred.  It will be within this quarter though as planned.


New website launch - We’ve set the goal of version 3.0 (the new website) being the point at which we go open source.  With that launch there’ll be a good range of feature requests and a greater scope for change.
Target: Q3/4 2016


My team and the marketing department are working on this currently - deciding what they want to see.  You may see elements of the new site start to creep into core when a not-so-distance version of it is released.


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