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Tower TGI Resignation

Kye Taylor



Hello all,

Unfortunately, I have decided to step down from my role as Tower TGI. Joining the training team nearly two years ago, as TGNC's TGI, I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet some lovely people within the staff and mentoring team. With @Fergus Walsh at TGNC, we made it a mission to progress students through the OBS->S1 stage and during covid, we did just that!

 With the TG TWR change, It was very difficult. Shortly after my appointment, I was soloing the training group for some time and was not able to achieve all the development plans I had envisioned. Hopefully, the next TGI is someone with new and fresh ideas that can benefit the division. But of course, I was joined by the wonderful  @Daniel Blancowho has been an amazing and integral part of the team, who aside from devoting an abundance of time to the training group is also an amazing friend.

Being a TGI is not just about development or student progress, It's about being at the heart of the mentoring team and creating connections and bonds that will last. Over the last year, the TG Tower mentoring team have been a group of devoted and talented individuals who have consistently surpassed my expectations with their time and effort in this division. To put into perspective just how much this team does, I pulled some stats and found that there has been a whopping 368 mentoring sessions conducted over 2022. That roughly translates to just over 552 hours worth of mentoring. That is just unbelievable. I don't, the division doesn't and the students don't say this enough but thank you, so much for all of your efforts.
The graph shows the number of mentoring sessions per quarter

fter Joining the training team, I have had the pleasure to work alongside some amazing people, and I would like to say a special thank you to some of my team members who have made my time as a TGI such pleasure because of the help and assistance you have provided: @Reece Buckley @Fergus Walsh@Daniel Blanco@Oliver Rhodes@Daniel Crookes@Adam Farquharson@Fergus Walsh@Harry Sugden@James Yuen@Samuel Lefevre@Kieran Hardern@Will Hinshaw@William Shaw@Archie Middlefell@Loui Ringer@Ben Wright

 You will of course still see me around, you can't lose me that easily! Most likely controlling or waffling in the discord 😅

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Samuel Lefevre


Sneaked in Teeside radar there 😉 enjoy the inevitable C1 so I can finally stop hearing you bang on about waiting 😂 enjoy retirement geez

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Reece Buckley


Of course I'm first in the list 😘 

Cheers Kye, you helped me so much in TGNC and have done a great job running TGT. Get yersel that C1 ASAP.

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Daniel Blanco


Thanks Kye! it's been a lot of fun and a pleasure running the TG with you and it won't be same without you. Looking forward to seeing you have a C1 next to your name in the near future! 

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Cheers Kye!


It's been short but sweet in my time as an S2 Mentor but it has been a fun one, enjoy the retirement!

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William Brushfield


Thanks for everything Kye. My S2 was a smooth journey thanks to you and @Daniel Blanco, truly transformed the S2 system and inspired the joining of many mentors. 


Here's to many happy controlling, especially with your shiny new C1 place!

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Even though I don’t really know you Kye and haven’t worked alongside you, I do know you have made a difference within the TWR TGI and S2 Training as a whole and I don’t think the community can thank you and Daniel enough for it!


Enjoy your VATSIM retirement (and your C1 training & rating!)

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