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Q3 2022 Review

Adam Farquharson



Hi all,

Last quarter there seemed to be some demand for ATC Training exam stats. We collect this information already for the region report which few people tend to see so I've decided to publish them in this post where more of you who are interested will be likely to see.

Incomplete exams are excluded from the stats below:


  • S1: 16 exams, 16 passes
  • S2: 6 exams, 6 passes
  • S3: 2 exams, 2 passes
  • C1: 0 exams, 0 passes


  • EGLL: 3 GND, 1 TWR, 4 APP
  • EGKK_GND: 11
  • EGGX: 1

This is the first quarter since we began the current records (in then beginning of 2020) that we have had a 100% exam pass rate across all levels. This is a brilliant achievement and a credit to the work of the mentors and Instructors.

Last but certainly not least, thanks to everyone who continues to give up their time to help us train the next generation of controllers. Your time is what allows more people to enjoy this brilliant hobby!


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