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VATSIM UK Live! 2022

Chris Pawley





VATSIM UK Live! Is pleased to announce that our event will return on the weekend of 13th & 14th August 2022 at Conference Aston in Birmingham. VATSIM UK Live! is an in person event - where members of the network join together to control and fly from the same room for two days.


We understand that this is at short notice, but working out how to best run an in-person event (including logistics, insurances etc.) is a challenge as we move out of the pandemic. As organisers, we wanted to be able to run a safe and viable event even with these challenges.


We are working on finalising our system for booking tickets, which will be online shortly.


As this is the first time that the event has run since 2019, we have further information about the event, how it is financed and our COVID protocols are below.


As organisers, we want to make it clear that attendance at the event is purely optional - it does not affect your standing in the division or give you any advantage. At the event we will provide the possibility of testing yourself and we will provide facemasks and expect that one is worn during appropriate situations. Finally we advise you to appropriately protect yourself in case of (rapid) changes of circumstance via insurance providers. In the case that the event does not proceed, then incurred costs are the responsibility of individual attendees and not the organisers.

We look forward to welcoming you in Birmingham in August 2022.

For questions, please contact us at [email protected].



What is Live!?

Live! Is an in person event - held in Birmingham. The event has a cost, because of the need to hire a physical space and provide power and networking. Alongside the weekend, there is plenty of opportunity to socialise and meet one another.


How does Live! relate to VATSIM UK?

Live! is organised by three members of the division and it operates independently of the division financially - the team organise for the venue to be hired and the room to be set-up as well as maintaining a stock of dedicated equipment for the weekend. The organisers work with the division in order to enable the smooth running of the weekend. The division director is currently part of the organising team.


How is Live! Funded?

Everyone (even the organisers!) pays into a common fund through ticket sales. The aim of these sales is raise exactly enough to cover the costs of the weekend (room hire, equipment, insurance etc.). Typically the tickets and costs match to within £50 and this enables equipment upgrades and replacement of failed parts before the next event. In the past, refunds have been given when the costs were lower than expected.


What COVID protocols are in place?

We will follow the government guidance in place at the time and we do not expect to have any mandatory entry requirements besides this. However, we will encourage all members to behave responsibly during the weekend - and we will make it easy to do - through the provision of cleaning equipment, masks and self-tests on arrival.


We expect people to wear masks, when needed, due to the density of people in the room(s) and the lack of other protective measures such as testing for entry or requiring vaccination status to be proven. This means that the event will be able to welcome all members to join regardless of their personal & domestic situation or their individual choices. We ask that members remember that their actions impact others, even indirectly. We believe that asking for masks to be worn will enable some members of the community to join this event, whereas in other situations they may feel unable to participate. 


What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own computer (PC or laptop) and whatever other equipment you would like to use during the weekend. Every seat in the room will have power sockets, an ethernet cable provided.



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