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Future Long Haul Events

Ben Wright



Future Long Haul Events  

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  1. 1. Which of these destinations would you like to visit the most?

    • New York (Banker Shuttle?)
    • Orlando (Disney Holiday?)
    • Boston
    • Washington
    • Los Angeles
    • Doha
    • Abu Dhabi
  2. 2. Would you like to see the Crossmas event again this Christmas?

    • Yes, Heathrow-Toronto
    • Yes, Toronto-Heathrow
    • No, another Christmas themed long haul event instead
    • No

Good Morning All!


We hope you're all enjoying the warm weather and return of long nights at the pub (assuming you're over the age of 18 of course)! Over a year ago, we made a post outlining our plans for a long haul event series and polled the community on which destinations they'd like to visit. As the first lockdown restrictions came into full force we rushed to plan the debut event called Miami Vice, unsure of whether there would be sufficient demand for such lengthy events. Needless to say we were blown away by the turnout, which only seems to increase with the number of long haul events we run - not to mention the events have been very well received by the community.

These events take a huge amount of planning and involve many departments in the UK, for example Web Services to maintain the booking system and retrieve booking details, and Operations to assist with route planning, sector splits, and writing event documentation - not to mention the number of other Divisions, vACCs, and vARTCCs around the world who kindly give up their time to plan the event and provide ATC. We've now held 3 of these long haul events and we would like to hold more, as such we'd like to see which routes are most requested.

Please vote using the polls above, if you have a particular route or themed event you'd like to see then comment below. If you think someone else's idea sound good, then make sure to upvote so we can gauge interest.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to running these events, as well as to all the pilots who flew. We hope you continue to enjoy our events in the future (albeit at a slower rate now the world is beginning to get back to normal) and we look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies!



Ben, Tom, and Loui

(The Marketing Ladz)

Edited by Ben Wright



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