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Pilot Training Handbook Release

Daniel Crookes


Hi all,

Back in September of 2018 when the ATC and Pilot Training Departments merged into one - I was adamant that the ATC Training side of things needed an Operations Manual similar to the manual we are required to have as past of our ATO for Pilot Training. The purpose being to provide anyone who operates within the Training Department with guidance, advice, and direction on how we operate so that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

In order to standardise the way that our Training Department documents policy our Operations Manual for our ATO has had a revamp! This document has been re-written and is now titled as the Pilot Training Handbook.

Effective from 01/08/2020, the Pilot Training Handbook shall supersede the Operations Manual. The Operations Manual shall remain available for download until the the 31/07/2020.

The handbook sits below VATSIM UK’s Division PolicyVATSIM global policies and VATSIM ATO policies and procedures.  Where discrepancies exist, this handbook’s provisions will be overridden by theirs.

We are acutely aware that with any document of this magnitude there are going to be errors, please report any findings on our helpdesk and address them to 'Pilot Training'.  


Dan ✈️

Pilot Training Handbook.pdf

Edited by Daniel Crookes


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