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Livestreaming Update

Loui Ringer




As you're probably aware, we run a live streaming series on our Youtube called "Behind the Scope". The series was set up over a year ago with the idea of attracting a live audience to see behind the scenes. The series really allows us to show members outside of the division what it's like to control, and how it looks from a controllers perspective. A few months ago, we brought this back with the plan of running Behind the Scope on the first Friday of every month, however, due to streamer availability, this is changing. 

We are now planning to have set times where we can start a stream if anyone is available to, we personally feel like this is the best approach because it will increase the frequency of streams and make it easier for those that don't often know when they'll be free. 

Proposed Streaming Times:

Monday to Thursday: From 1600z to 2000z

Fridays: From 1600z to 2100z

Weekends: 0900z-2200z

How do I take part in VATSIM UK's Streaming?

We currently have the following requirements in place for members that would like to stream:

  • An S2 rating or higher
  • Access to an UPLOAD speed of at least 2500 Kbps (2.5Mbps) - test my speed;
  • Hardware capable of streaming 720p at 30FPS

To express interest, please email [email protected]

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