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British Summer Time (BST) begins Sunday 31st March at 01:00

Oliver Rhodes


"There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music." - John Keats

At 1am on Sunday 31st March the clocks will advance one hour. This means that 1am shall immediately become 2am, thieving us all of an hour of our day, and @George Wright will spend the next six months dancing 'the funky chicken' whilst dressed as Bob the Builder.

For those of you in other timezones: as you were.

For those of us in the UK, we must now engage in intellectual gymnastics every time we use the CT System, extrapolating as appropriate the trend shown below:

  • 18:00z -> 19:00 UK Local Time
  • 21:30z -> 22:30 UK Local Time
  • 00:00z -> 01:00 UK Local Time

Please be mindful of this when entering availability into, or accepting sessions from, the CT System.

Many thanks,

Barr.. Oliver ph34r.gif

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Oliver Rhodes


8 minutes ago, Andrew Macleod said:
  • 21:30z -> 22:00 UK Local Time ??

Traditional mistake now fixed ?

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Trevor Hannant


6 hours ago, Oliver Rhodes said:

Traditional mistake now fixed ?

And where's the traditional reference to George Wright's confused state?!  ?

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Josh Riley

Posted (edited)

No George Wright reference? The many years of such references are over ?

Edited by Josh Riley
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Louie Lister


What an anti-climax.. No insults being aimed at anyone!? What's the point in this post anymore.. I demand @Barrie Joplin back ? 

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Oliver Rhodes


The people have spoken - a customary joke at the expense of @George Wright has now been made!

(seems he's not the only one who's confused...)


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Harrison Grose


"intellectual gymnastics"... Understatement in my opinion haha

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For those of you who control a proper airport, remember that BST/DST/GMT/whatever has nothing to do with the time of the runway change, so that simplifies your life a little.

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Harrison Grose


just bought two wall clocks for my room, one for local, one for zulu xD

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