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Calum Towers


Hi all,

The Web Services team are starting to make significant head way on the long-promised "new training system" to replace CTS.
There is a lot of moving parts with this; a new design for Core, a brand new admin panel and a fairly complex migration of a legacy (12 years +) system into a modern web infrastructure.

For that reason, I am very grateful that Andy Ford has taken me up on my offer to rejoin the Web Services team.

Having worked on CTS in the past as a developer, his knowledge of the codebase is extensive.
Combine that with his vast experience in using the CTS as a user (in various roles within ATC Training) and there isn't a better candidate to support us with the next stages of our development plan.

Please join me in welcoming him back.

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Thanks for the kind words folks, it's good to be back :3

Being a free human got real boring, real quick... Plus coding is a hobby as well as a profession so I sold my soul for a doughnut again ?

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