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Livestreaming - Cross The Pond

Trevor Hannant




As we draw near to the start of this year's Cross The Pond Eastbound, we're looking for controller's who are willing to showcase their skills and VATSIM UK on our YouTube channel.

We would like to invite all rostered on one of the Manchester or Area positions that meet the following criteria to apply to contribute their time to producing a livestream event.  You will be provided with help and support with the interface and relevant materials.

Members wishing to apply must be:

  • S2 rated or higher;
  • A UK home member in good standing.

To ensure that the streams are of sufficient technical quality, members wishing to apply should also ensure the following:

  • Access to an UPLOAD speed of at least 2500 Kbps (2.5Mbps) - test my speed;
  • Hardware capable of streaming 720p at 30FPS.

If you meet these requirements and wish to take part, we would love to hear from you!  Simply message Loui Ringer on Slack for full details on how to get involved.

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