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Pilot Training - Q3 2018 Summary

Daniel Crookes


Hi All,

3 down 1 to go! Q3 of 2018 for the PTD has seen some of the highest numbers of mentoring sessions in a long time. This coupled with a noticeable increase in members interaction with the PTD has made these past few months, in my opinion, our most successful quarter to date! ?

Q3 Progress:

  • Mentor recruitment (particularly within the P2 & P3 courses) has continued to be very successful,
  • Tom Knowles joined the team in July taking over the role of IFR Flight Instructor along with James Gibson moving into his new role as Development FI,
  • The P2 has seen the implementation of our new lesson plans. The P3 lesson plans will be implemented within the next 2 weeks soon followed by the P5,
  • We have introduced our new Fast Track Scheme which allows people who have the appropriate real-world experience to fast track straight to an exam,
  • The P3 has moved into its new home at Chichester Goodwood (EGHR) which was accompanied by an event hosted by the PTD. New documentation will follow shortly, specific to operating out of EGHR.
  • With the recent launch of the new Community Badges, the PTD has taken advantage of these badges for our FTE's and in the future will have more badges for general flying achievements.

Our plan for Q4 is to finalize the implementation of our new training syllabi and continue to develop our Fast Track Scheme. We are on track for another record-breaking year so with that said, here are the numbers! Thank you all yet again for enthusiasm towards Pilot Training and all of the time you are contributing!


Dan ✈️

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