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P4 Syllabus Update

Daniel Crookes


Hi All,

As mentioned in the Q2 department report we have been working on new Syllabi and lesson plans for our courses and the first one to release will be for the P4 (IFR Pilot) course. The actual content of the rating and the way in which we examine the course will remain the same. This change introduces lesson plans for mentors to follow which will speed up and focus training.

The CTS reports have been adjusted to include each lesson as an item to be marked, as opposed to the old method where each item on the report was criteria to be marked for each lesson. After each lesson is completed general comments about the lesson and information the mentor wishes to provide to the student will be posted in that lesson on the mentoring report. The mentor will then decide whether the student has completed the session and is able to progress onto the next lesson. If so the next mentor will move onto the next lesson with the student. The mentor may mark the session as 'Revise' which will indicate to the next mentor that the previous lesson is to be repeated to allow the student build the necessary skills which are vital to the following lessons.

Until we implement this change for all of our courses the following marking criteria will be put in place for the P4 only:
Not Covered -> Not Covered
Satisfactory -> Revise
Test Standard -> Complete

When marking the P4 report only the lesson that has been conducted in that session is to be marked using one of the above criteria. The P4 mentor's report has been updated to reflect this.

This change is effective immediately and will only affect the P4 course.

Dan ? 


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