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2024-07-11 - Oxford (EGTK) Changes to Helicopter Traffic and Outbound IFR Traffic

VATSIM UK Operations

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Effective 11th June 2024

Helicopter Traffic

Multiple ‘heli holds’ have been established at Oxford for helicopter traffic to use. Departing helicopters should now be instructed to hold at one of the ‘heli holding points’ and transferred to Oxford Tower. Tower may instruct the aircraft to depart using the runway or to depart parallel to the runway from helicopter area 1 to the west of the runway. 

Arriving helicopters should join the rotary wing circuit and should be instructed to route towards helicopter area 1 or the runway. Numerous aircraft may operate from helicopter area 1 simultaneously. 

Both landing and takeoff clearances should be ‘at your discretion’ from helicopter area 1.

Various restrictions regarding rotor diameters have been published for helipads outlined in the ACB.  

IFR Outbounds

IFR outbounds via KENET should no longer route via DILAX. The updated route is BUGUP - KENET.

Documentation Status
The Oxford Airfield Controller Brief will be updated at the next AIRAC to reflect the changes. 

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