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Unofficial Guide: Observing with Euroscope & Audio for Vatsim

Will Hinshaw

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It seems like every other day there is a question about how members go about observing using Euroscope, so I thought it would be best to correlate a lot of the basic information into one forum post.
Feel free to comment hints and tips below.

What you will need:

The latest recommended version for download is v3.2.1.34, available here: Euroscope.hu
I will not be going into detail as to how to setup Euroscope in this forum, however a comprehensive tutorial has been created here: Youtube

Audio for Vatsim
Available from here: http://audio.vatsim.net/


How to Observe
Step 1 - Select a profile
Select the profile of the position you wish to observe on.
If your Euroscope opens without asking for you to choose a profile, make sure that "Auto load last profile on startup" is unticked.
This is found under: Other Set -> Auto load last profile on startup


Step 2 - Connecting to the network

  1.   In the top-left of Euroscope, hit "Connect"
  2.   Fill out the dialog box with the relevant information:


Callsign = Your Observer Callsign
We use our initials followed by _OBS. For example, my callsign is WH_OBS

Callsign in use?
Add your middle name initial, or another underscore | E.G. WH__OBS

Real name = Your Name or CID
Nicknames are not permitted. As stated in A4(b) of the VATSIM Code of Coduct:

Code of Conduct A4(b)

Certificate = Your CID
Password = Your Password 🤷‍♂️
Facility = Observer
Rating = Enter the rating that is applicable to you. If you don't hold a ATC Rating, this will be Observer.

Server = AUTOMATIC (It will pick the best server based on latency and capacity)

Make sure that "Connect to VATSIM" is ticked
Once this is all entered, go ahead and click connect.


If you are presented with this dialog box, close it.


You do not need to touch this whilst observing.

Step 3 - Setup the active runways to populate your departure list


To open the "Active airport/runway selector dialog" select the runway icon displayed along to top-bar.

In this example, we'll be observing at Edinburgh. I've looked to see what runway they are using (either through the ATIS or VatSpy).
Runway 24 is in use, so we select the following:


If runway 06 was in use, we would select the following:


After setting this up and selecting "Ok" we should start to see traffic within the departure list (providing there is traffic).

If we still don't see traffic, we can using a command to center our visibility range around the airport.
.vis [ICAO]

Here, I'm centering my visibility range around EGPH.


How to listen to a frequency

  1. Open Audio for Vatsim and select "Connect"
  2. Use the small "+" to enter the position you wish to observe.
    To listen to the freq. make sure the RX is ticked.


I hope this helps clarifies the process of observing.
As always, feel free to ask questions and leave your hints and tips below!

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