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2023-01-26 - [En Route] Updated Radar Separation Guidance and Procedures (SI 2023/01)

VATSIM UK Operations

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Effective 26 January 2023

A recent review of the London (EGTT) & Scottish (EGPX) vMATS Part 2s has presented an opportunity to significantly simplify the radar separation guidance and procedures. The Supplementary Instruction linked below summarises the changes and reproduces the new vMATS text.

SI 2023/01 Updated Radar Separation Guidance and Procedures <-- click to view

Controllers are required to read the amended section in full and should direct any questions to the Enroute Operations Coordinator via the helpdesk or Discord.


Note: There are no changes to the use of 3 NM radar separation. As such, these sections are not included in the attached SI.

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