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CTP Westbound 2022 - Scottish

Harry Sugden

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First things first, thank you to everyone who has put down availability. Hopefully this will be a very enjoyable CTP!

Please read all the sections up to the sector specific briefs, then read the briefs for the sectors you are rostered for (at a minimum).



  • Roster is available here
  • Summary routes diagram is available for download: 22W Europe - Display Copy (with UK Intention Codes).pdf
  • Any questions about how things are going to work, comment below, PM, or Discord!
  • @Kieran Hardern is coordinator
  • For controllers adjoining Oceanic airspace: We highly recommend using the UK Controller Plugin integration with natTRAK to monitor Oceanic clearances for Shanwick and Reykjavik - instructions are here. Try to prompt aircraft within 30 minutes of the boundary without clearance to get one and maybe try a few general broadcasts reminding pilots to report any level changes or other restrictions to you over the frequency too.
  • Free Route Airspace Intermediate Points: FRA may have been introduced, but that doesn't mean that directs should be plenty today! There are certain intermediate points that have been chosen to ensure traffic routes through particular sectors and not others, so please don't give directs that change the next sector.


Flow/Route/Level Restrictions

Expect anything on the fly to be communicated to you before your slot. Please ensure that you include non-standard coordination or restrictions in any controller changeover. This will be integral to ensure smooth interaction with each other and our neighbours. Already confirmed are:

  • ⚠️ 10-minute MDI from all UK airfields applied to successive departures bound for London Gatwick
  •  Non-event traffic departing from any UK airfield across the Ocean will be subject to release, organised through the UK Flow Coordinator (callsign UK_FMP)
  • Level caps (planned, may change):
    • LTMA --> ScTMA - FL320 (to reduce complexity in Lakes & Deancross)
  • Westbound eFLAS between LAC and ScAC to/from EISN. In addition to the standard levels, westbound traffic can use opposite direction levels 310 and 350.


Adjacent Unit Sectorisation


Stavanger have amended their ownership slightly, but this is reflected in the 2022/03 sector file release.


Shannon Low will not be covered top-down by EISN_E. Therefore, no traffic will be controlled below FL245- unless the Shannon Low position itself logs on.


EIDW_APP (121.10) will cover the whole of the Dublin TMA in the absence of EIDW CTR positions.


ScAC South

  • As detailed in General above, ensure that traffic routing:
    • into Deancross remains via TLA - do not route direct beyond this point, and ensure that traffic with the same intention code is not parallel streamed
    • into West via ASNUD and ORSUM - is not directed to enter ScAC North/Deancross airspace. ORSUM DCT BALIX (intention code Y5) should remain ScAC South -> ScAC West.

ScAC North

  • See the General note about the plugin natTRAK integration.
  • Reykjavik will be using a standard 2-way config and Stavanger have a slightly amended ownership order - both are in the latest sector file.
  • Take note of the small number of planes from LFPG who at SOXON will turn left to join the east to west flow - intention code Y8. Don't let them catch you out!

ScAC West

  • See the General note about the plugin natTRAK integration.
  • If we split Central off (in the vMATS this is the AoR of ScAC West when Rathlin is online): EIDW departures via TIR must be level going into Central - watch out for the higher RFLs being unachievable.


  • Note that the use of the WD callsign is deliberate - it will enable us to change the SCO_W controller to just cover the northern part of ScAC West (in the vMATS this is the AoR of ScAC West when Rathlin is online) by using the event-only SCO_C callsign.
    • If this is implemented, then EIDW departures via TIR must be level going into Central - watch out for the higher RFLs being unachievable.
  • Note the eFLAS with Shannon - levels 310 and 350 are available to use for westbound traffic.
  • Take note of the 'cheeky' route from EHAM that enters DCS from the east, on track to TLA - ScAC South has been instructed not to give DCTs beyond TLA, but feel free to ask them to transfer those planes sooner if you're not getting enough time to deconflict.
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