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[Events] Your 2022 Suggestions!

Thomas Greer

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Hi all!

We are starting to look ahead to the 2022 Events Calendar. We love to make sure we include our member's ideas, so please leave your suggestions below for our consideration! We are aiming for 2/3 events a month, so one of yours may be selected to be a part of our 2022 schedule.

Loui, Ben, Piers and Thomas


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EGJJ EGJB EGJA staffed Island Hops and flights to areas like Rennes and CDG. Plus short hops to Southampton etc like real world 


i speak for a bunch of locals who know the aerodromes like the back of their hand :)

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'Military Monday' or something along those lines. Staffing up military facilities in the UK or abroad (e.g. one month is London Military Staffup, next Scottish, next Gibraltar (with some inter-vACC coordination) etc)

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Random suggestion, Island hopping between Sumburgh, IoM and Jersey

Would be good to see Belfast Group get some love, maybe a Belfast-Glasgow city pair as I see a lot of people suggesting GLA?

Other ideas: FISO night but not around LTMA, Newquay <-> Aberdeen II, a return of Solent Night perhaps?

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Callum Johnson

More Domestic city links.
Island hopping, Jersey maybe.
Unusual runway ops such as Gatwick Northern runway only, or Manchester southern runway only as examples.
Leeds Bradford Airport, such a brilliant airport that really doesn't get enough recognition. 
Themed events, maybe a holiday event where airports such as Leeds, Birmingham, Doncaster, etc all get staffed up for tourist flights to places like Greece, Canary Islands, Madeira, etc.
Coastal VFR events, such as maybe exploring the North East coast heading southbound from Newcastle all the way to Humberside along the lovely Yorkshire coast. 

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