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CTP Eastbound 2021 - Scottish

Harry Sugden

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It's CTP time! Hope you're all ready for some fun. It's no secret that this time around we have an acute shortage of controllers, so we are very grateful to the visitors who have offered to assist us, particularly on Scottish. Expect the roster to change, sorry about the amount of traffic (we'll try to keep it to a minimum)... any questions, shout to me or @Kieran Hardern!


Flow/Route/Level Restrictions

Expect anything on the fly to be communicated to you before your slot. Please ensure that you include non-standard coordination or restrictions in any controller changeover. This will be integral to ensure smooth interaction with each other and our neighbours. Already confirmed are:

  • ⚠️ 10-minute MDI from all UK airfields applied to successive departures bound for the London TMA
  •  Traffic departing for LEBL, EIDW, EGLL, or LOWW will need a release via the UK Flow Coordinator (callsign UK_FMP)
  • EGLL inbounds level cap from ScAC Rathlin (SCO_W) and ScAC Deancross (SCO_D) to London AC Lakes is  FL330 ⚠️
  • Northbound traffic level cap from ScAC East to BIRD (Reykjavik) is  FL280 ⚠️
  •  Westbound traffic level cap from ScAC West to EGGX via GOMUP is  FL280 ⚠️
  • Eastbound eFLAS between Scottish and Shannon. The only westbound levels into EISN shall be FL300 and FL320


Process for traffic to LEBL, EIDW, EGLL, or LOWW

Please speak to the UK Flow Coordinator (callsign UK_FMP) as soon as a plane bound for these airfields pops up. They will then handle the release process and get back to you.


Adjacent Unit Sectorisation

There should be absolutely nothing abnormal in terms of our neighbours' sectorisation.

Agreed Levels Diagrams

Familiarise yourself with the Agreed Levels Diagrams here:


Apologies in advance that due to a distinct shortage of UK Area controllers, some top-down provision by controllers unfamiliar with the airspace is inevitable. We have put a plea out to UK S3 and below controllers to staff up airfields as much as possible. If you have any questions, we'll all be friendly in TeamSpeak / over text!

Other Notes

Scottish is likely to be quite busy. Don't be afraid to degrade top-down service to the bare minimum where necessary (assign a squawk and "report ready for departure" - then give an initial route and level when departure is requested). It is OK to make things up as you go along...


ScAC West

You're the first controller for a good number of aircraft coming off the ocean, so you'll likely need to assign squawks. Using the UK pack, this should be automatic when you assume a tag, but usually takes a few moments to generate. From experience, contact mes are often required as whether pilots get handed to (a) the right frequency, or (b) any frequency at all(!) is hit and miss.

Recommended is to use all levels (both directions from FL330 and above). Westbound levels cap at FL320. Individual coordination of aircraft is not required.

Important! ⚠️ Level cap for EGLL inbounds into London North is FL330.

Important! ⚠️ Level cap for westbound transatlantic flights via non-event track GOMUP is FL280. Aircraft should be descended to reach FL280 in good time prior to GOMUP.

ScAC Deancross

This position is the middleman. Most of the CTP work will be in on the left, out on the right. There will also be some ScTMA traffic to handle, but hopefully not too much!

Important! ⚠️ Level cap for EGLL inbounds into London North is FL330.

ScAC East

ScAC East will be busy. However, there is no convergence or crossing of routes so the majority of the time you will just need to be keeping an eye on speed and handoffs required, with some requests from pilots for changes in levels. 

From the south upwards, the event traffic exit points are: 

  • ERKIT traffic to EHAM - transfer to London North Sea (mostly online as LON_N_CTR tonight)
  • ROKAN traffic to EHAM - transfer to Amsterdam descending (usually EHAM_W_CTR) FL240 lvl ROKAN
  • AVRAL traffic to EHAM - transfer to Copenhagen at or before AVRAL (maximum 30 NM from AVRAL)
  • ELSAN traffic to LOWW - transfer to Copenhagen at or before ELSAN (maximum 30 NM from ELSAN)
  • BEREP traffic to EDDB - transfer to Stavanger at or before BEREP

If planes appear at EGPD or EGPE and you're too busy, it might be worth asking Deancross (SCO_D) if they are happy to handle this traffic top-down.

Important! ⚠️ Northbound traffic into BIRD is capped at FL280 during the busiest event hours.

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