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Is this flight plan correct?

Julian Diamandis

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Julian Diamandis
Posted (edited)

Hello again, I did my first flight for over a year. My flights have been too infrequent. I need to do a lot more flights now that I have a new machine and have got P3DV5 and the NGXu. So I'm doing some short flight to test everything out.

I used PFPX to plan a flight and it got rejected by ATC. So I think I'm never going to use it again as it is causing lots of problems.

I had a look at simbreif and it gave me this flight plan from EGJJ to EGKK. Is this flight plan correct and userble? 

ORIS1C ORIST Y110 VEXEN L980 ABSAV ABSA1G.  I haven't seen this STAR into Gatwick before?

Thank you

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Trevor Hannant

That route is one out of the Standard Route Document which can be found on the NATS website here:


Some of the STARs around Gatwick have been changing (not a Gatwick expert) so this may be one of the new ones...

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Kieran Hardern
Posted (edited)

ABSAV 1G is indeed valid for your route, but it's not a very common arrival.

If interested, the reason is (with the exception of EGJJ traffic) anything via ORIST to EGKK above FL105 has to file via L982, which will take the traffic to VASUX and the VASUX1G arrival. I assume this is to keep the traffic within r/w Sector 22. We don't have a split of those 2 sectors on VATSIM, so it doesn't really matter if someone files to ABSAV incorrectly, however most people correctly chose VASUX.

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Julian Diamandis
Posted (edited)

Well I flew the route and nobody complained. So thanks for you helps.  My RT was a bit rusty but I was finished another flight. 

RYR2967 flying from EGJJ to EGKK is not a realistic flight, but fictionalising a journey is needed to avoid really long flights. 

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