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[Controller] Gatwick (EGKK) --> Innsbruck (LOWI) Group Flight

William Brushfield

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Thought I would share a few pictures from the group flight from Gatwick, which bought in 70 concurrent departures 




pic5 68 deps.PNG




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Looks epic! We'd never have even been able to dream of that many departures a few years ago 

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Posted (edited)

Amazing! - once again HUGE thanks to all controllers that controlled for my group flight... I didn't quite expect that many people to join on that one! - I had spoke to some controllers before the group flight to see if they fancied booking with the expectation of about 20 people joining us... defo not 70+ 😛

Next Bank Holiday... 3 weeks away... 100+ deps?😁


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      My thanks to Darren Hill on Approach and Dave Etheridge on Tower for their professionalism in getting me safely in to Manchester today.
      Earlier  in the day I departed Alicante on a beautiful clear day inbound to Leeds-Bradford. On my first approach to Leeds, I noticed I had developed flap asymmetry and to make matters worse it was gusting beyond crosswind limits right across RWY 32.
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