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Brooklyn Grantham

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Brooklyn Grantham

As with many members within the Vatsim UK discord. I'm sure we are all in agreement that we should have a separate channel on the discord for just talking about Vatsim ATC and Vatsim itself. I also feel we should have a real world chat on the Vatsim uk where members can discuss real things atc related etc.


Would like to hear other members opinions on this!

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William Brushfield
Posted (edited)

I feel like the simple structure of the current Discord is easy to use and understand, and having needless channels such as #vatsim-atc and #vatsim is unneeded, and can be delegated depending on the topic


- Talking about ATC Techniques / Help with ATC related issues - #atc_chat

- Talking about becoming a Pilot / Pilot techniques - #pilot_chat


And relevant help channels depending on the issue related to VATUK is also well structured.


I think the VATSIM-UK Discord should be kept to being UK Controlling / Pilot related, with #general_chat being a release for all the other topics. 

Hope this opinion helps.

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spelt wrong lol
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Dale Stainrod
Posted (edited)

You say we are all in agreement? No we aren't, this is VATSIM UK. There are plenty of servers out where you can talk about other divisions, I'm not sure if it's appropriate to have new channels just to satisfy those few people (very few) who actually want to talk about it... but why would you in the first place? I don't understand the logic behind this idea.

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George Peppard
Posted (edited)

There already exists a place for general VATSIM-based discussion, the VATSIM Community Discord server. I personally see no reason to reproduce an already thriving community elsewhere, and restrict it to primarily UK-only members.

On 08/05/2021 at 14:25, William Sandford said:

*expresses disagreement*

This is not, in my opinion, conducive to a helpful discussion about a perfectly valid suggestion, and defeats the spirit of the original post.

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Alistair Thomson

It's clear that ATC chat and piloting chat does occur in general_chat, and perhaps Brooklyn would prefer that not to be the case. It's clear that there are already channels available for those in the UK discord, but the nature of Discord is such that trying to get folks to restrict what might be spontaneous thoughts to those channels is asking for a rigour of structure which would be virtually impossible to apply.

I have to say that I dislike Discord intensely. It seems to me to be a rambling outpouring of disparate thoughts and disconnected but interwoven streams of consciousness, but I also understand that that may be part of its attraction for many folks. Maybe we just have to accept that.

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      The thing that’s missing though is an Operations department to thrive. Our previous Division Director has told me that they had enough to do in that role alone. Being a leader is about delegating. It is about encouraging people to contribute, the glue that holds the division together strategically and into the future. But where is ours? A leader doesn’t hog, on a volunteer network. A leader doesn’t keep an I3 badge when they don’t have time to instruct. A leader says hello sooner than 3 weeks after their appointment. A leader involves themselves in events and day-to-day division life. But how does our current one manage 4 roles at once (5 if you include the DDD!)? 
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      But our DD doesn’t recognise when it’s time to let others help. I’ve sent my blueprint for Ops to them, because I have ideas to get YOU involved - the airfield info update project, which I’ve just started without ‘approval’, is the first of them. I don’t even want to be on the DSG (powerless ‘Manager’ would be fine), and I wouldn’t even mind if someone else got Ops Director... as long as it meant I could get a reply from them! 
      This isn’t what the network is about. I’m tired of 5 months of offering to help, of waiting. It shouldn’t be like this, and I’ve tried so hard via the UK and Europe. I’ve run out of steam. And so I wanted you to know about it.
      (P.S. If I’ve blown my chances of being ‘respected’ by the ‘old boys club’ management, then of course I’m sad, but not surprised. I love this network and have only ever tried to help. May this be my last attempt!)
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      Everyone knows internet forums were invented by the Romans in the year 23BC.  Fast forward a couple of millenia and we're still using them to this day; or are we?
      Back in the day, we used to sign on to www.vatsim-uk.org/forums which through domain changes, a community emphesis and the like became what we know and love today - community.vatsim.uk.
      I'm aware the Division uses slack and have done so for quite some time.  However, I'm notincing of late more and more emphasis on and reliance of the use of Slack.
      I believe this is to the detriment of the esprit de corps of the community. Firstly, I, and many others don't use Slack, so the potential exists for information and discussion to be missed.  Secondly, I get the impression that the balance of community discussion is shifting towards Slack, leaving this very forum less active with less content and potential delegation to the position of Slack's poorer cousin.  Like I say, I'm not on Slack so potentially my impression could be wide of the mark.
      I guess what I'm saying is please can we look at the possibility of promoting the forum as the 1st port of call for community discussion and leave Slack as more of project management/task allocation platform?
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