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Oceanic clearance flying from the UK to Iceland ?

Glenn Wallace

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Fraser Cooper

If routing via RATSU/BARKU, it’s not required. You will go fro Iceland Radio to Scottish Control. 

if routing via ATSIX/ORTAV/GOMUP, you enter the shanwick OCA. However, you normally get oceanic clearance on the ground in BIKF. You shall need to pass your request and max FL to BIKF_DEL on first contact. You will need to advise your ETA for the boundary to Shanwick either via Iceland Radio relay, or by contacting them directly. 

If flying from the UK to Iceland as you stated, all is the same for routing, but you will obtain your oceanic clearance in the air from Shanwick on HF or the VHF clearance delivery frequency. 

“Shanwick Radio, Shanwick Radio, BAW123, Request Clearance”

”BAW123, Shanwick Radio, Go ahead”

”Shanwick Radio, BAW123, requesting oceanic clearance, estimating ATSIX at 1254 Zulu, Flight Level 380, Mach decimal 79, Max able Flight Level 390”. 

“BAW123, Shanwick Radio copies, Standby for Clearance, SELCAL DC-KG coming up”

“Shanwick Radio, BAW123, Positive SELCAL, standing by”

Shanwick SELCAL for clearance and BAW answers. 

“Shanwick BAW123 on 131.155”

”BAW123, Shanwick Radio. Oceanic Clearance, Shanwick clears BAW123 to Keflavik via ATSIX ALDAN ASRUN. From ATSIX maintain Flight Level 380, Mach decimal 79. Shanwick.”

- Readback Clearance

”BAW123, Shanwick, Good Readback, at ATSIX contact Shanwick on HF 2439, Back VHF 131.155. Now return to Domestic, Shanwick”


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